Wedding Planning

5 Ways to Stay Sane During Wedding Planning

Read this before getting overwhelmed. 

You haven’t even been engaged for very long and you already feel your patience beginning to fray with this whole wedding planning thing. You want to enjoy the process, but you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas, selecting vendors, and trying to put this event together. Don’t let the stress take over. Here are five ways to maintain your sanity while prepping for your big day.


Realize that your wedding can’t be everything.

Try as you might, you cannot have a small-big, rustic-urban, quiet-rager wedding. Although, that would be nice because then everyone in your family would be happy. Bottom line, you can’t find a middle way each and every time. So, what do you really want your event to be? Limit your expectations and hone in on your vision. Incorporate others’ ideas when you can and let go of the rest.

Be the most organized version of yourself during wedding planning.

Break out your three-ring binders and get organized! Even if you aren’t normally a type-A personality, you need to at least fake it until you make it with wedding planning. There are lots of moving parts, so keeping everything filed in one place (online and hard copy) will save you so many headaches down the road. Wedding planning can be really fun (we promise!), but is decidedly less enjoyable if you are always searching for something misplaced. A great place to start? Building a wedding website, which serves as an info hub for both you and your guests.

Be healthy, but also a little indulgent.

It’s common knowledge that we simply operate better when we eat well, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. But don’t take a wedding diet too far. If you need a cupcake, eat the cupcake. What also complicates things when you need a little indulgence is that you are on a budget for the wedding. So, a spa day or new pair of shoes might be out of the question. No worries, just find stress busters that are affordable. A little chocolate or an pretty manicure may keep you from losing your mind. Take a walk on the beach. Pick up your favorite magazine. Take a nap. And yes, eat the cupcake.

Find meaningful quotes.

You only need to hop on Instagram or Pinterest to realize the power of a good quote. Save several quotes that speak to you, calm you, or inspire you. Don’t just have them on your social media. Print one out and hang it on your mirror or fold it up in your wallet. Look at it when you need a little pick-me-up. They should remind you that this is just a day. One event. In the grand scheme, it’s not going to be what defines you or your marriage.

Stay connected with your future spouse.

Don’t let your relationship get lost in your wedding. Practice good communication, not just about the event but also about your future. Go out (or stay in) for date nights. Invite your mutual friends over for dinner. Continue building your life together and you won’t have the terrible feeling that your life is on pause during your engagement.