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8 Healthy Hair Tips To Help You Achieve Your Best Bridal Hair

8 Healthy Hair Tips To Help You Achieve Your Best Bridal Hair

These 8 healthy hair tips are sure to help you achieve healthy bridal hair before you say ‘I do.’

Although there are so many things on your to-do list that you have to worry about, your hair does not have to be one of them. We want to give you 8 healthy hair tips and tricks on achieving your best bridal hair for your big day. Whether you choose to wear your hair up or down, using these healthy hair tips before your big day will greatly help you achieve your best bridal hair.

1. Eat Healthy Foods

Changing your eating habits will not only make you feel better on the inside, but it will also help you look your best on the outside. Vitamin C acts as a great conditioner, so oranges and broccoli are best for beautiful and shiny hair. Walnuts are exceptional for protecting your hair from sun damage, and protein helps your hair stay strong and moisturized.

2. Water, Water, Water

No healthy hair tips roundup would be complete without H2O. Water hydrates your scalp which prevents it from breaking easily.

3. Limit Your Styling tools

In order to prevent damage, limit your usage on your styling tools. You can also use a heat serum or refrain from using your tools on the highest heat setting. This healthy hair tip is perfect for preventing dry hair and split ends.

4. Stay Away from Tight Hair Ties

In order to achieve your best bridal hair, you should avoid tight or rubber hair ties that only tug on your hair. You can also choose different hairstyles, such as, high and low ponytails or buns, in order to prevent breakage in the same area.

5. Moisturize

Always use a conditioner. You want your hair to feel it’s silkiest and smoothest on your big day. In order to achieve your healthiest bridal hair, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner

6. Change Your Washing Routine

Wash your hair less. It may be a bit intimidating to not wash your hair often, but it will help your hair. By washing your hair less you will allow your hair’s natural oils to help prevent against breakage. When we wash our hair everyday we can get a dry scalp and split ends due to dryness.

7. Be Gentle

When brushing your hair, you should avoid tugging. This can easily cause breakage and flyaways which can be irritating, especially if your bridal hair of choice is an updo.

8. Get Enough Rest

If you haven’t heard, beauty sleep is beneficial for your skin, health, and even your hair. So take each day one day at a time, and catch up on your sleep.

We hope you enjoyed these 8 healthy hair tips that are sure to help you achieve your best bridal hair because even though you have so much to do, you should be able to feel flawless and beautiful on your big day. Are you looking for some bridal hair inspiration? Take a look at these 13 beautiful braided bridal hairstyles that are absolutely perfect for summer. Happy planning!