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A Jaunty Polka-dot Wedding in Leeds, England by Anna Hardy

Tom and Lisa’s wedding from Anna Hardy is (I have to say it) absolutely delightful. It’s one of those weddings where the joy leaps off the screen and does a little happy dance. Or in Lisa’s case, a happy twirl.

Tom and Lisa’s wedding from Anna Hardy is (I have to say it) absolutely delightful. It’s one of those weddings where the joy leaps off the screen and does a little happy dance. Or in Lisa’s case, a happy twirl.

If there were ever a wedding that illustrated that doing it your own way is the only way, this is it. The dashing fedora, the gorgeous polka-dot dress, the courthouse ceremony and those fabulous, fabulous shoes…Even though I’ve never met Tom and Lisa, somehow I can’t imagine them doing it any other way.

Be sure to check out Lisa’s thoughts below, as well as Anna’s on the whole day. What a lovely pair!

Lisa’s Thoughts
When Tom proposed to me we were at the Glastonbury Festival in the middle of a mass hand binding ceremony in which we had to jump over a broom!! We had just spent 5 days sharing a tent when he handed me a plastic flower ring and asked me if I fancied it. The experience of such a lovely personal proposal set the feel for how we planned the rest of our wedding.

Me and Tom had been together 10 years and ten days when we said ‘I do.’ We were very lucky to have parents who were happy to leave us to it but who supported us every step of the way. Neither of us wanted God involved in our big day and this is why we chose the Leeds Registry office, the building is beautiful as are the wedding rooms. In regards to the venue, we found the Lounge Bar and Grill who were happy to have us on our big day. The room is a lovely room, old and new mixed together and it just felt right, plus they do some amazing food!

In regards to my dress. I knew I didn’t want to wear a wedding dress, I look like a sulky 7 year old in them. I scoured the internet and found the Vivien of Holloway site. Once I saw the red polka dot number I knew that was it. I ordered it and never looked back! Once the dress was bought I found the shoes in Debenhams. In fact I had my whole outfit by December. The hard part was not wearing it until the big day! Tom tried one suit on, it looked fab and he bought it that day. Easy. The hat was a late addition to the outfit due to a head based stag injury!

Basically we wanted a day without pretensions, pomp or circumstance. We wanted a day filled with fun, laughter and love. And this leads me easily onto our photographer Anna Hardy. Anna is a good friend but also an amazingly talented photographer. She has the ability to capture and bottle the emotions of the day. The fun, spirit and again love and laughter of the day are all there captured forever for us to look back on when we are grey and wrinkly. Anna put us both at ease and a lot of the time we didn’t realise she was taking pictures of us. She’s amazing! All in all our day was about us as a couple and sharing it with people who we love. It was not about a competition with anyone else. It was not about wedding cars or table arrangements as this is not our style. It was about me and Tom getting married.
Anna’s Thoughts
Lisa and Tom’s wedding was everything I believe a wedding should be – hopelessly romantic, loads of fun, raucous, emotional, hilarious, colourful, lively, beautiful, unique – it was just magical.

Tom and Lisa are friends of ours and when we got the wedding invitation I knew it would be a fantastic day. When they then asked me to do the photos, I was even more excited. I knew their feelings about weddings and knew it would be exactly the sort of day I love. And they didn’t disappoint!! The wedding was so full of character and romance, and free of pretentiousness and extravagance. It was a really down-to-earth occasion with the focus all on relaxed, carefree and genuine love and laughs. It was completely true to Lisa and Tom and really reflected them as a couple and as people.

I also loved that Tom maintained his usual wry smile throughout most of the pictures! Lisa’s outfit was breathtaking and completely suited her and her sunny personality. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it made me regret that I didn’t get married in polka dots!
Dress, belt and petticoat: Vivien of Holloway
Shoes: Red Herring at Debenhams
Bracelet and earrings: Debenhams
Fascinator: Marks and Spencers

Suit: Red Herring at Debenhams
Shoes: Hudson
Tie: Zara
Red socks: Calvin Klein
Hat: Brixton Hats at ASOS

Leeds Registry Office, Leeds Town Hall
Lounge Bar and Grill, Leeds

Bride’s sister, Gemma Barstow

Wedding Well
Friend, James Murrock (The Old Coach House, Clough Mill, Bradford Road, Gomersal, BD19 4AZ, Tel 07738 285155)

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