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A Sparkly Purple Shoes Farm Wedding from Offbeat Bride

This wedding had me at the sparkliest purple wedding shoes I have ever seen! But the sparkly purple-ness doesn’t stop there: Nicki Fietzer from De Nueva Photography did an awesome job at capturing all the sparkly details like the awesome jeweled headband and pretty centerpieces.

This wedding had me at the sparkliest purple wedding shoes I have ever seen! But the sparkly purple-ness doesn’t stop there: Nicki Fietzer from De Nueva Photography did an awesome job at capturing all the sparkly details like the awesome jeweled headband and pretty centerpieces. You’ll also be blown away by the mismatched bridesmaids fashions and the stunning location of this Jersey farm wedding.

Did your wedding location and date hold a special significance for you?

Our wedding date (April 10th) held absolutely no significance for us. We basically picked a date out of a hat. However, our wedding location was absolutely incredible. We had researched many, many locations before we settled on Perona Farms. Once we got there, we knew it was the place for us. Not only was the staff unbelievably receptive and easy to work with, but the location itself was absolutely beautiful. We decided to hold our ceremony in their apple orchard (which, unfortunately after a never-ending winter, refused to bloom).

The food was outrageously delicious, and locally grown and sourced. It was really important to us that we have great food at our wedding, since Mark and I are both big foodies.

Tell us about the details of the day.

We made a lot of our own decorations and little touches to our day. One of the most enjoyable DIY projects was our cardbox. Mark and I spent a few weeks putting him together. We made a monster, in our wedding colors! He ate your cards. People ended up loving him, which was incredible. It was probably the most offbeat detail about our day, and I was nervous about how he would be received by our guests. I’m glad we chose to make him – he has become a symbol of our wedding day now.

There were a few funny moments in the day: During our ceremony, our officiant had both of our rings in his hand while Mark was supposed to take mine. Mark had to figure out which one was mine, and when he did, he said, ‘I offer this ring!’ Everyone started cracking up. Also, when we went to cut our (cup)cake, the cupcake got caught on the knife and we ended up flipping it over onto the table! It was these silly moments that kept me grounded the entire day.

How was the wedding day?

Our wedding was held early on a Sunday. I woke up at 5AM to start all of the beautification processes (hair and makeup) with my maid of honor, a special bridesmaid, and my mother. We drank tons of coffee and had a great few hours in the salon. Mark and I drove to the venue together. I think we were both incredibly anxious during the car ride.

We chose to do the majority of our photos before the ceremony, because we wanted to be able to relax with our friends and family once the ceremony was over. We had also written our own personal vows to each other, and read them to each other immediately after doing our first look, rather than at the ceremony. It was the most special part of the day for us. We cherish that moment, and are grateful that we had that incredible moment of privacy with each other.

After we finished our photographs, it was time for the ceremony. As we waited to be called to walk over, a wave of anxiety hit us and our bridal party. So, Mark ran upstairs and grabbed a bottle of vodka and the twelve of us passed it around for shots! It was a really funny, memorable moment for all of us.

Our ceremony was short and sweet. It lasted all of ten minutes. Walking down the aisle was perhaps the most emotional moment of my life, though. Just seeing all of those faces of the people we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts was so overwhelming. I walked with my maid of honor and she kept having to remind me to look up! I was just so overjoyed. My mother later told me that a hawk flew overhead as I walked down the aisle, and that was incredibly meaningful.

Finally, once the ceremony was over, we were able to relax! Our first dance was to ‘Digital Love,’ by Daft Punk, and all of our guests got up and danced with us. Our friends toasted us with beautiful and heartwarmingly funny speeches, and we ate, drank, danced and laughed our hearts out.

The day was much better than we could have ever imagined. Also, it went by quicker than we knew it! People always tell you that it’ll be over before you know it, and boy, they aren’t kidding.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding?

One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard was given early on in our engagement. At that point, we were still throwing around ideas about having a wedding. My cousin said to me, ‘You can’t live in a wedding.’ I really took that to heart. It helped me to keep myself grounded about every decision that we made. The truth is that none of the minute details (such as your table linens, centerpieces, etc.) hold any significant sentimental value to anyone other than you and your partner. And so, we worked as hard as we could to focus on the parts of the wedding that would be of the most importance to our guests – having a great meal, and a great time.

Another piece of advice, was one that I actually gave to Mark. We had a rough time with planning, and we were both feeling nervous about how the wedding would unfold. He was particularly nervous in that moment. I told him this: ‘Whatever happens, is how it was meant to happen.’ I stand by that statement now. If something didn’t make it to the wedding, the only ones who would know were me and Mark. It helped us to be able to remain in the moment without worrying.

Any final thoughts?

Planning our wedding at first felt like Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong, will. With two weeks to go, both of our cars were in the shop, we received unforeseen costs, and we were at our wits’ ends. But once our wedding weekend came around, it was the most wonderful time of our lives. Being surrounded by family and friends, who love you, and only want the best for you, is the most incredible feeling that exists. Weddings are never solely about the bride and the groom. They are about a community coming together to celebrate love. There is nothing more important than recognizing that fact. We had so many friends who pitched in to help us during our planning. Whether it was our friends who offered their services as our videographer and DJ, or just as a shoulder to lean on when times got tough. I truly believe our wedding has helped us to realize just how lucky we are to be loved, and in love.

Photographer: Nicki Fietzer
Videographer: Kenneth Shaw
DJ: Breezy B
Venue: Perona Farms
Dress: BCBG
Shoes: Nina Shoes
Headband: Nordstrom
Groom’s suit: English Laundry from Men’s Wearhouse