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10 Colorful Wedding Registry Items You Should Ask For

10 Colorful Wedding Registry Items You Should Ask For

If you love color, make sure to add vibrant products to your wedding registry.

colorful mismatched towels


Bright colors are even more dynamic when they are mixed and matched together in different patterns. Pick one bright shade and one neutral (colors like gray and taupe), so that the brighter color will really pop.

apple green pillow

Quick Change

When decorating your new home, keep in mind that color trends can change rapidly. But it is possible to keep your home decor affordable, even if you enjoy shifting your color palette frequently. Invest in quality neutrals for your furniture and then accent your home in the latest shade with accessories like throw pillows and ceramic vases.

bright teal mixer

Happy Meals

If we could only recommend one registry item to you, it’d be a KitchenAid mixer. And we are crazy for this new metallic teal shade. Not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, they come in a wide range of colors to choose from.

floral shower curtain

Good Mornings

If this cheerful shower curtain doesn’t turn you into a morning person, then we don’t know what will. Printed shower curtains are such a good idea, particularly if they feature several different colors. In the case of this floral design, you could pick anything from golden yellow to pale lavender for your other bath accessories.

multicolored area rugs

Transform a Room

Area rugs are one of those registry items that sound boring now, but you will be so grateful for later. They can completely tie a room together, give it added warmth, and show off your love of color.

mismatched modern china

Dine in Style

It’s not rare for newlyweds to be on a budget. But you will feel like a million bucks when you eat your 4 for $1 boxed mac-n-cheese off of these swanky plates. Again, mixing and matching patterns can be a way to add visual interest to each place setting.

light pink kettle

Cup o’ Tea

Electric tea kettles are a fabulous invention, and sure, a regular white one would work just fine. But have you seen this gorgeous bubblegum pink?

reversible bedding quilt

Neutrals & Brights

Just like with your living room furniture, look for ways to buy the trends you love while still sticking to your budget. On your wedding registry, look for a neutral duvet cover, quilt, or comforter, and also register for your current favorite shade for your sheets and pillows. You can also check out reversible quilts like the ones shown here.

red Le Cruset

Energetic Bakeware

Quality bakeware will last you for years. Pick a few pieces that you know you will use in a shade that makes you happy. Le Cruset comes in everything from the brightest red to the most sedate cream.

plaid table runner

Festive Tables

As you’ve learned from planning your reception tablescapes, table runners are a quick way to change up the look of a table. This plaid option would be a great option for fall and winter holidays.