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10 Fun Ideas for Newlyweds Who Want to Start Their Own Holiday Traditions

Celebrate the holiday and start a handful of holiday traditions with these fun ideas!

When you get married, you are starting a whole new family.  And one of the best parts about being a family is establishing your own traditions. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Watch a new holiday movie every year.

We all have our own classics.  Watch your favorites, but also include a new one each year. Maybe it will get added to the ‘required’ viewings for next year, maybe it won’t.  Either way, it will keep your Christmas viewing list from becoming stale.

Go window shopping.

Like most newlyweds, you are probably on a budget. However, window shopping can be nearly as great as the real thing during the holidays. People-watch on a bench while sipping hot cocoa. Soak in the festive spirit by listening to Christmas music. And walk hand in mittened hand past bright light displays.

Get away.

If you can afford it, take a weekend trip to somewhere local that celebrates the season with all the trimmings.  If you can’t quite swing that financially, just take a day trip out of the hustle and bustle to enjoy a brisk hike.

Buy (or make) each other an ornament.

Each year, exchange ornaments with each other. You can have them be representative of the past year, or just something you think the other one will love. Won’t it be wonderful to see your Christmas tree covered in years of this tradition?

Find your tree destination.

If you live near plenty of trees, you may want to start a U-cut tradition. If not, find a terrific local nursery or tree stand.  As soon as you try one out that you like and also sells great trees, go back next year. It can be really sweet to go back year after year.

Host a party.

Extroverted couples may prefer to celebrate with a crowd!  Host your very own shindig, whether it be a swanky cocktail party or a casual game night.  If your calendars are too packed, start a tradition of scheduling the party for after Christmas, when more people can attend.

Save one day.

The best and worst part of the holiday season is how busy we are with parties and concerts and baking and general merriment. Save a day for just the two of you by blocking it off on the calendar and sticking to it.  Maybe you want to spend the day indoors listening to Christmas music and wrapping presents. Or perhaps you want to ice skating in the park. Either way, spend it together.

Bake your favorite holiday treats.

Are you both fruitcake aficionados?  Sugar cookie fiends?  Chex Mix crazy?  Whatever your favorite holiday treats, spend an afternoon utilizing all of those baking items from your registry and make your house smell fantastic.

Send out a Christmas card.

We know that this seems a little dated in the world of social media, but holiday cards are awesome.  Plus, who doesn’t like to receive something in the mail besides the power bill and coupons for the neighborhood pizza joint?  A yearly card will help you keep in touch with friends and family, and they will hopefully return the sentiment with cards of their own!

Extend the holiday.

The crash after Christmas is brutal. You breathe deep sigh of relief, which is almost immediately followed by the realization that there is nothing to really look forward to on the calendar. Yikes! Avoid this ennui by extending your holiday season. As mentioned earlier, you can schedule a party, or simply keep those Christmas movies and music playing a little while longer.

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