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10 Great Date Night Movies

Date nights ‘in’ are supposed to be easy. Yoga pants. Cuddling.

Date nights ‘in’ are supposed to be easy. Yoga pants. Cuddling. Snack foods.  And just when you think you have finally settled the biggest argument of the night concerning whether or not Twizzlers are better than Red Vines (and in fact, they are), you have to decide on a movie.  He refuses to watch The Notebook one more time, and you insist that The Expendables 3 is simply not romantic mood material.  We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 romantic movies for both of you to enjoy.

Grosse Pointe Blank

John Cusack seems to be the great equalizer of romantic comedies. He’s intelligent, funny, and not ‘too’ good looking. This movie is funny and dark and sweet all at the same time. Cusack plays a hitman with a case of conscience returning to his hometown for a high school reunion. Minnie Driver plays his former teenage sweetheart.  Needless to say, hilarity and hijinks ensue.


There are many Hitchcock movies that could be on this list. Notorious, though, is the famous director at his most romantic. Sparks fly between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in this classic film filled with suspense and international intrigue.

Desk Set

This film features one of Hollywood’s most legendary couples, both on screen and off, is Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. If you and your fella like your romance with a side of witty repartee , this is the movie for you. Tracy plays a technology expert and Hepburn is the research maven that is sure she’s soon to be replaced.  We love the way these two brilliant characters are so well-suited.


Before Sunset

The second installment in this romantic trilogy by Richard Linklater, Before Sunset focuses on that age-old question, ‘What about the one who got away?’  Cerebral types will dig this type of love story–it is full of long takes with lots of dialogue and an abundance of natural charm.  If you haven’t seen the first movie, Before Sunrise, watch it first.

Lars and the Real Girl

Plenty of people didn’t give this movie a chance because of its premise: Ryan Gosling plays a man who orders a life-size doll and falls in love with her.  We get it. It sounds really crazy and maybe a little bit creepy, and possibly rife with blow up doll jokes (btw, no it is not).  But this film is actually very tender and sweet, centering around themes of acceptance, generosity, and community.  Don’t miss out.

(500) Days of Summer

Never has a movie tagline been so accurate about the film it is advertising, ‘This is not a love story. This is a story about love.’  As the title suggests, this is not a happily ever after movie.  Starring Joesph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, the film follows a young relationship through its inevitable ups and downs. Full of moments that will make you smile, as well as elicit a few knowing sighs, it’s a keeper.

Silver Linings Playbook

You simply can’t find a modern day couple with as much on-screen magic as Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. You just can’t.  And in this movie they are at their wacky, real, talented best.  They both play characters that have gone through a fair amount of personal tragedy and are trying to cope with the hand life has dealt them.  It might sound like a downer, but it really isn’t.  It’s wry and relatable and you’re a bit disappointed when it has to come to an end.


Bear with us, because yes, we are insisting that a Pixar movie about a character that essentially is a trash compactor is one of the most romantic movies we’re ever seen.  Wall-E is lovely and optimistic and a true romantic, finding the magic in everyday trash that clutters his path.  When he meets Eve, fireworks!  And the fact that he and Eve get to save the day? Well, that’s just the cherry on top.


The Princess Bride

Of course, you’ve already seen this movie. Because you are a human being and you live in the world.   But it’s definitely an epic romance that is worth a second (or 80th) viewing. This film has something for everyone with its humor, action, and fairy-tale story.  And Inigo Montoya. Always him.

The Last of the Mohicans

Maybe you two are a bit old fashioned. You like your romance with a sweeping score, bold statements (‘You stay alive, no matter what occurs!’), and plenty of 18th century violence.  Is it a little over-the-top? Yup.  But so is the marshmallow fluff popcorn you’ve been obsessing over for the last hour. Sometimes over-the-top is just what you need.