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10 Tips for Surviving Wedding Season as a Guest

Does it seem like your mailbox is overflowing with wedding invites?  Here are 10 tips for surviving wedding season!

Does it seem like your mailbox is overflowing with wedding invites?  Here are 10 tips for surviving wedding season!

1.  Find a multipurpose dress

Find an adorable sundress or LBD that you can wear with a variety of different toppers and accessories. You shouldn’t have to go into debt at J.Crew to find a new dress for every event. Instead, treat wedding season as you would packing for a long trip by maximizing great wardrobe staples.

2. If you are single, find a friend to swap plus ones with.

Don’t want to attend a wedding solo?  Find a single guy friend who is equally apprehensive about his own upcoming RSVP and swap services as each other’s plus one.  Having a no-pressure fun time with a friend is way better than dodging attempts from Aunt Sophie to set you up with her best friend’s son.

3.  Do not put yourself down because you are single.

Yep. Your friends are getting married. And there is nary a sweetheart in sight for you. And you know what? That is totally, 100%, completely, no asterisks required, okay.  Enjoy your own single life and don’t spend the summer comparing your friend’s timeline with your own.

4. Budget what you can for gifts and then be done with it.

If you have a lot of weddings to attend this season, wedding gifts might be a pretty violent hit to your budget. Purchase what you can, and then let it go. Don’t fret about keeping up with the Joneses.  It’s a waste of time.

5. If you can avoid it, do not spend the majority of your summer weekends at a wedding.

For most people there seems to be one summer in their lives that gets completely taken over with wedding-related hoopla.  If that is this year for you, prioritize which weddings get a yes, and which you must regretfully decline.  Enjoy your summer while still attending the events that mean the most to you!

6.  Rise above family drama.

Family members getting married takes wedding drama to a whole new level.  Weddings can often be a best and worst of times sort of thing. With all the joy and celebration, usually unresolved family spats and the ugliest sides of ourselves come out.  It’s tempting to jump into the fray.  But remember that you are stuck with these people, so try to be as diplomatic and uninvolved as possible.  We know, your sister has it coming. But just don’t.

7.  Be generous in any speeches or toasts you have to give.

If you have to give a toast, stay away from inside jokes and wild stories.  Granted, a great many of the guests will find these moments funny and charming, but others will not. Stick to short, sweet, and just a skosh sentimental.

8.  Stow the party girl antics.

All of your friends know that you + tequila =a lot of awesome moments.  But be the best friend you can be and save that side of you for a Friday night on the town, rather than your college roommate’s wedding.

9. Don’t get offended by limited time with certain people at a wedding.

A wedding is not just a great party that your friends are throwing. It’s also fraught with social and family obligations. Your friend, the bride, would probably LOVE to hang out all night with you, but she’s got a list of things to accomplish before the evening is through. Connect with her after the honeymoon.

10.  Prepare with the little necessities, and be the most popular person at the party.

I always keep a few wedding ‘must-haves’ in my purse to share with other guests when needed. Things like blister pads, Band-Aids, lip balm, and, yes, a tampon, will make you the most popular gal there. Guaranteed.

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