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11 Wedding Registry Ideas for Your Next Camping Trip

11 Wedding Registry Ideas for Your Next Camping Trip



Do you have everything you need to survive in the wilderness? Whether that means camping in the woods or just in the backyard, these wedding registry ideas are must-haves for your next outdoor adventure.



Coleman FyreSergeant HyperFlame 3-in-1 Propane Camp Stove



Modern Outdoor Cookware


It’s not always easy to pack lightly for a big camping trip, but the trick is to find camping equipment that are extremely versatile. An all-in-one camping stove not only makes it easier for packing purposes, it speeds up the cooking process. Your camping bags and stomachs will appreciate this one.




Lodge Cast-Iron Camping Dutch Oven



Campfire Cooking Equipment


Or, trade out those modern cooking amenities with something more classic. A cast-iron dutch oven will simmer that chili to perfection over any campfire.




S'mores Basket with Handle



S’mores Supplies


It’s not a real camping trip unless you eat s’mores, right? Don’t forget this handy tool for roasting marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers over the fire together.




Yeti Roadie 20 Quart Cooler - Ice Blue



Insulated Cooler


Nobody likes to open a cooler to find drinks floating around. Keep the ice from melting by investing in an insulated cooler that can handle any weather Mother Nature brings.




Beautiful Enamel Camping Mugs by All Glamping



Enamel Camping Mugs


Whether glamping or camping, enamel dishes are very handy. This hand-painted mug set is one of those wedding registry ideas that’s useful for both the outdoors and your kitchen table.




World Outdoor Products NITE CRAWLER Oversized Folding Fishing Chair



Fishing Gear


Maybe you’re all about fly fishing in the river. Or maybe you want to enjoy a quiet evening on the banks of a lake with a fishing pole in hand. For the latter, bring the right portable furniture to sit back, relax and bait a hook.




Double Outdoor Camping Hammocks



Double Hammock


A clear sky full of stars is a stunning sight. However, with a tent, you don’t get to enjoy the view all night long. If your camping trip weather forecast expects nothing but good weather, then don’t feel the need to sleep with a roof over your head. A durable double hammock is less bulky to pack, and it’s way more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.




Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent



Weather-Resistant Tent


But if the forecast calls for some rain showers, that doesn’t have to be a reason to postpone your trip. No matter the climate, you’ll both be happy campers with the right weather-resistant tent.




Mr. Beams MB482 UltraBright Weatherproof 260 Lumen LED Lantern



LED Lantern


A portable LED lantern that stays lit for hours is a must-have for night hikes and night reading alike. It’s a good idea for your home in case of a power failure, too.




Coleman The Tandem 2 Person Rectangular 45 Degree Sleeping Bag



Double Sleeping Bag


One less sleeping bag means one less item to pack! With a lightweight weather-resistant option, you don’t have to be confined by the walls of a tent. Just roll this one out under the stars and wake up to the sunrise.




Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag Hammock Air Sofa and Pool Float



Inflatable Lounge Chair


We love wedding registry ideas that can be used for multiple activities, especially eccentric ones like these bright inflatable couches. How comfy would it be to relax on this by the campfire? It’d be a pretty awesome float for a day at the lake, too.




Ready to start planning your next outdoor adventure? Get your registry started for all these essentials!