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15 Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Instagram

15 Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Instagram

Did you get engaged over the holiday? Now it’s time to spread the news! After you’ve told all your closest friends and family members, it’s time to post that celebratory Instagram pic.




We’ve gathered 15 of our favorite ways to share the news socially. Enjoy!




1. Spell it out. There is no way that your friends and family will mistake the good news for anything but an engagement! (@ashliamabiledesigns)




2. Sometimes the ring speaks for itself! Show off its sparkle with a close up that will stun. (@susiesaltzman)







3. Just in case anyone had any doubts – this mug will be sure to clear them up. (@howheasked)







4. Let your friends and family know your answer by writing it on your hand! Don’t forget to include the newest addition to your everyday jewelry. (@heyfelice)







5. Her face says it all. A snap shot of the two of you after he proposed is a great way to spread the word. (@annachakleford)







6.  Mark your double cinnamon cappuccino with a simple ‘future mrs.’ to announce your new title as a fiance! (@goldalamode)





7. Show off your new bling while holding a kitten and people won’t be able to resist hitting that like button. (@ziestutz)






8. Share the love with a cute picture of the two of you celebrating the moment you got engaged. Especially if it involves a sandy background. (@paperantler)







9. Show off your new sparkle with your guy in the background. This engagement is about the two of you after all. (@bkeeneybabe)







10. Diamonds (and puppies) are a girl’s best friend. This photo will definitely ensure that your dog isn’t the only one who will be staring at your new ring. (@dee_rayray)







11. Caught in the act! Get a photographer or friend to snap a photo of him on one knee and your reaction – priceless! (@flytographerinsta)







12. He’s got that love locked down. No better place than a Paris engagement to show off your new diamond. (@lauraalagerfeld)







13. Everybody loves a good vacation photo. Throw in an engagement and it’s an instant crowd pleaser. (@doorcountykayaktours)







14. Instagram is the perfect place to be a little cheeky. Announce your engagement with signs that would make your friends and family say, ‘That’s so them!'(@lipstickandlace91)







15. Make it a family event by sharing the behind the scenes of your proposal. (@michaeljustinfilms)