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15 Wedding Programs & What to Include

15 Wedding Programs & What to Include

Wedding programs are often one of those details that gets put off until the very last minute before they have to be sent off to the printer.  As such, there are often a lot of hurried, frantic questions about what needs to be included and how it should be formatted.


We’ve gathered 15 different examples and will answer the most common questions about wedding programs.







Let’s start by stating that a wedding program is not a necessity. You will not have broken any etiquette rule if you decide to forgo this tradition. Especially if you are having a really straightforward ceremony, and you are looking for ways to make your budget stretch, this might be an easy thing for you to cut.  However, a wedding program is often very welcomed by guests, as they want to read the order of the ceremony and all of the fun details often included.


So, don’t get too uptight about what you decide to share.  You can be humorously brief or mention just about every detail of your love story (below). Either way, it’s a nice way for your friends and family to settle into their seats before everything begins.







If you are having a wedding ceremony that might be unfamiliar to the majority of your guests (such as those with religious or cultural influence and traditions), you might want to write out what they can expect or directions for certain parts of the ceremony. For this much text, consider a booklet format for your program.








If the two of you appreciate a more artistic touch, you can say a lot with illustrations instead of words. The program above featured portraits of the wedding party rather than just listing their names.   The one below opted to use infographic-inspired icons to separate sections of their vertical design.











Of course, you should find a wedding program that complements your theme. Even though you often don’t see the full theme of the wedding until the reception, a wedding program can be a subtle nod.  Above, this black and white wedding program with elegant font would be terrific for a more modern ceremony.  Below, we love this starburst design in copper for an Art Deco event.












Most wedding programs are printed front and back on one sheet.  Usually the front gives a schedule and the back is a list of wedding party attendants.













If you have additional room, you might also want to include a list of the readings and readers during the ceremony, in case someone wants to look it up later.  You can also include a sweet thank you note to your wedding party for participating and to your guests for attending.










Want to save all that paper?  You can totally print up a sign to be posted in a prominent place where your guests enter the ceremony venue.









If your wedding programs can provide another function, all the better. Don’t think that fan-style programs are just for Southern weddings. Often venues in cold weather climates can be overheated and become stuffy when filled with people. Guests will appreciate something to fan themselves with if this happens.








We are always advocates of letting your personalities shine through in all of your wedding details. In fact, if there is one rule to wedding planning we wholeheartedly believe in, it’s that your event should feel like the two of you. If you have a healthy amount of whimsy and humor, why not entertain your guests with something like these cootie catcher wedding programs?




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