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3 Pieces of Wedding Website Advice from the Pros

3 Pieces of Wedding Website Advice from the Pros

Here’s what you really need to do.

If you’re in the process of designing a wedding website, you’ve probably sought out help from your recently-married friends. While their input is absolutely helpful, it can be overwhelming trying to digest all of those different opinions. To weed through all the wedding website noise, we compiled a brass tacks list of tips from the pros. Read on for three wedding website tips you absolutely can’t skip.


Choose a venue first.

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, you don’t need to start thinking about a wedding website until after you’ve chosen a venue. Why? It’s difficult to understand the vision and aesthetic of the wedding—which directly translates into your wedding website’s look—until after the “where” has been established.

Choose an easy, memorable URL.

Kate Drummond, a web developer, believes that nailing down a basic domain name—the words between the “www” and the “.com” part of the URL—is the first step to wedding website success. “If available, try to secure a domain name that has both of your names,” she explained. This makes it more memorable for your family and a bit more special for you, too.”

Include a virtual RSVP form.

“The trend for RSVPing is technology, which is making it easy for your guests to respond and gets a high percentage of RSVPs,” explained Misty Ceriello, a wedding planner with Cameo Events. These days, we do so much of our browsing on our phones, so it’s also a good idea to make sure your wedding website is mobile-friendly. This way, your guests can let you know if they can make your big day without being deterred by booting up their laptops.