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3 Ways to Share Your Wedding Photos with Your Guests

3 Ways to Share Your Wedding Photos with Your Guests

Social media is obvious, but there are other ways, as well.

The only thing more exciting than scrolling through the gorgeous photos from your wedding day? Sharing them with your guests. After all, wedding photography (and everything that goes into looking camera-ready!) is pricey—it’s only natural that you’d want to ensure that everyone sees! Luckily, there are multiple ways to make this happen. And while social media certainly is a popular, far-reaching method, there are other, more personal options to showing off your wedding photographer’s magical skills.


On your wedding website.

A wedding website isn’t just for the pre-wedding phase. While it’s incredibly helpful for sharing necessary venue information, dress codes, and guest accommodation options, it’s a useful post-wedding tool, as well. Set up a carousel reel of your favorite images from the big day, and be sure to include the shots of your guests. 

In (or on!) your thank you notes.

Consider printing a favorite photo and slipping it inside your thank-you note. It’ll serve as a memento for your guests (and it’s bound to get hung on the fridge!). For a more streamlined option, enlist the help of a service that can print photos onto blank cards. That way, the very best shot from your wedding day will be front and center.

On social media.

Of course, there’s no easier or more immediate way to sharing those wedding day photos than by creating an album on Facebook or a multiple-image post on Instagram. The best part about this? You can tag all of your beloved attendees, so they can get in on the fun, too.