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3 Ways to Thank Your Parents for Helping With Your Wedding Costs

3 Ways to Thank Your Parents for Helping With Your Wedding Costs


Weddings are expensive parties, no matter how closely you manage your budget. Most likely, your parents played some kind of role in padding your wedding fund, from helping in little expenses to bankrolling the whole affair.  So, expressing your thanks for their assistance in such a milestone life event needs to be with more than just a trinket–it needs to be a memorable keepsake.  Here are three ideas for showing them just how grateful you are!



Give them a framed picture or photo book.


What parent doesn’t love a photo for the mantel?  Find a frame that matches their home’s decor and select a print.  Choose one of you and your spouse with your parents.  If you can afford it, give them an archival-quality photo book for their coffee table. Fill it with your favorite photos from the day. Did your parents help out with a specific detail (such as your wedding cake)?  Make sure to include photos of it to show your appreciation.



Hire a calligrapher to write an extra special note.


Does your mom save every card you’ve ever given her?  The two of you could draft out a special letter to your parents thanking them for their help with wedding planning. Hire your wedding calligrapher to ‘pretty’ it up and then frame it to transform it into a gift they will treasure.



Are they collectors?


Does your mom collect teacups? Does your dad pour over his rare books every Sunday?  Search out special items for their respective collections to add a meaningful piece to their favorite things.  They will love remembering your wedding each time they glance at it.



Ultimately, no matter how you say ‘thank you,’ it doesn’t really matter, so long as it is genuine and thoughtful.



This month, we celebrating gratitude with ‘Giving Thanks’ month, in partnership with Artifact Uprising.