Wedding Planning

4 Reasons to Have a Wedding Planner

These pros will ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

There are endless benefits to hiring a wedding planner, even if you’re set on planning the majority of your nuptials on your own. After all, planners aren’t there to sign off on every single detail of your wedding—but, at the very least, they’re able to give trained, third-party advice and guidance throughout the entire planning process. And when it comes to deciding on venues or bands and setting up a wedding website, this pro will be there to ensure that your vision is at the forefront of each and every choice. Read on to discover more reasons why hiring a wedding planner absolutely shouldn’t be skipped.


They’re there to advocate for you.

Having trouble communicating a point to a vendor? Let your wedding planner take the reigns. Since they’re hired to execute your wedding vision, a good planner will fight for what you want—and knows the industry’s lingo, which will expediate the process. This is especially helpful if you find that a specific vendor isn’t communicative. Oftentimes, vendors reply more promptly to planners than to brides.

They’re your cheat sheet.

Not sure how to set up your wedding website? Your planner does. Not sure how those vendor deposits work? Tap your planner. If you’ve never planned a big event, you’re about to realize that there are a ton of details (big and small!) that will need your full attention and understanding. With a planner as your guide, you can eliminate the frustrating confusion that too-often comes with planning a wedding.

You can take advantage of their network.

A good planner will have many connections within the industry—which allows you VIP access to the best vendors in the area. Those vendors will want to go above and beyond to impress you and your family, thereby impressing the planner—which helps ensure repeat business.

They’ll make the planning process less stressful.

When you have a seating chart to finalize, a last-minute bridesmaid meltdown, or an emergency dress situation, your planner will be by your side. At the very least, they’ll take care of everything else while you handle those emergencies, one at a time—instead of having to juggle the drama and the banal planning details at once. If you believe that time is money, hiring a planner is a no brainer. They’ll save you time and stress which will be worth their weight in gold.