Wedding Planning

4 Registry Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything

The classic registry list doesn’t apply to every newly-married couple.

If you’re getting married after living together for years or are tying the knot later in life, you probably don’t need the typical registry picks. Your kitchen is likely filled with Dutch ovens, stainless steel sets, and—if we’re being honest—more utensils than you’ll ever use. Your linen closet? That’s well-stocked, too. If you already have everything you need, it may be difficult to find registry gifts that don’t border on excess. To appease your guests, who absolutely can’t wait to buy you something you’ll both love, consider the following nontraditional items. Here are five things to register for if your home is already well-established.


Concert Tickets

You don’t need another set of nesting bowls, but you definitely need to see Bruce Springsteen live. Put a few sets of concert tickets on your registry, so you can hit all your favorite bands and artists during your first year of marriage.

Cooking Classes

Just because you have a fully-stocked kitchen, doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Pop a series of cooking classes onto the gift list, so you can bring your basic skills up to the intermediate level. Consider yourself advanced? Register for a few specialty classes, so you can perfect an elevated meal in time for the holidays.

Honeymoon Activities

Even if paying for your own honeymoon is no big deal, register for the amenities you might have skipped because of the cost. Activities like massages, snorkeling lessons, and helicopter rides are all great things to add to your honey fund—and are more meaningful, since your loved ones will have played a role in making these fun things happen.


If you’re a wine connoisseur or spirit collector, you’re in luck. You can add to your collection via your registry, by adding your special occasion bottles to the list. Be sure to register for several, so you can crack a bottle open on your first few wedding anniversaries.