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4 Ways to Keep Guests Informed About Important Wedding Details

4 Ways to Keep Guests Informed About Important Wedding Details


When it comes to weddings, there’s a lot of information to share. You’ll need to give guests all of the basics (think: date, time, location), notify them of any related events (think: rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, post-wedding brunches), and help them prepare for the big day (think: dress codes, lodging and travel details, registry information). While invitation suites are a great place to start, it’s nearly impossible to include everything on mailed-out stationery. Plus, paper goods can get lost, and you don’t want to ruin their aesthetic by cluttering them with hard-to-read paragraphs. To keep guests updated, consider one of these methods.






Word of Mouth


If your guest list is small or you’re in close contact with all of your attendees, word of mouth might be enough to inform them of anything that’s not on the wedding invitations. Different point people—like the maid and best man and the parents of the bride and groom—can spread information to different groups of people. You can also disseminate info at pre-wedding events, like the bridal shower. There’s always a risk to sharing information informally, however. Things can get lost in translation, or never reach certain people.



Digital Blasts


You can opt to send updates via email, text, or instant messaging. Compile an electronic mailing list of all of your guests, add them to a contact group on your cell phone, or create a group on social media where you can post messages. Keep in mind, however, that some attendees may be unfamiliar with certain forms of technology. Additionally, your messages may be filtered into spam folders.



Wedding Website


Modern couples are turning to wedding websites to disseminate information. Using them is more formal than communicating verbally, and less annoying than sending out lots of electronic messages. Plus, they can hold a ton of information. Share the link in your invitation suite, and advise attendees to check it from time to time.





Different guests may respond better to different forms of communication, so consider combining techniques or customizing your method. If you opt for a digital form of communication, like messaging or a website, word of mouth is a good supplement to let guests know what to look out for.