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5 Helpful Tips for Building Your Wedding Website

5 Helpful Tips for Building Your Wedding Website

Make the most of your free wedding website with these tips and creative ideas.


Use your website design to communicate (or inspire) your wedding’s theme.

From your registry info all the way to day-of driving directions, your free wedding website is key to communicating the important details. It’s also a great opportunity to give your guests a sneak peek of your wedding theme early on. Or, if you can’t settle on your theme right away, there are tons of customizable designs you can try out to inspire the style of your celebration.


Match your invites to your website.

From the early stages of planning, conveying a consistent style throughout your details adds visual appeal to your entire event. One way you can do this involves matching your website’s appearance to your wedding invitations by color or theme. To help you out, some layouts even have their own matching invites that are 100% fridge-worthy.


If you’re having a destination wedding, include travel advice for your location.

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, especially one in a faraway location, give your guests a few activities to make the most of their trip. Besides accommodations and information about your venue, list an itinerary or travel tips for everyone to access on your website.


Incorporate photos that document important memories in your relationship.

When it comes to telling a story, a picture is worth a thousand words. While professional photos can enhance your site design, include some snapshots that capture milestones in your relationship, too. A candid camera phone shot of the proposal, the place where you first met or a photo of your first vacation together is worth sharing just as much as your e-session.


Share your website even after the wedding.

In today’s digital era, it’s important to remember your wedding website is a great way to engage your guests as you plan, not just inform them of what’s to happen. You can post all the photos you want, write about how the two of you met and even display a map to your venue. From registry shopping to sharing well wishes, it’s also a great tool for your guests to use after the big day.

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