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5 Inspiring Wedding Ideas from George Street Photo

From traditions to trends, we’re breaking down some of our favorite wedding ideas with the help of the wedding photographers at George Street Photo.

In today’s wedding world, we’re constantly finding new inspiration to swoon over. Our friends at George Street Photo are on the same page, which makes this a great time to talk about some of our favorite 2017 wedding trends.

Donut Desserts

Move over, cake–these bite-sized treats are taking weddings by storm. Don’t be quick to judge their size just yet, they’re pros when it comes to feeding a crowd. From DIY donut walls to stacked displays, these make the best accessories (or replacements) for a traditional wedding cake. 

Flower Crowns

Spring and summer brides, take note: The veil is totally optional. Bring on the Coachella vibes with a flower crown instead, or combine the two for a whimsical twist on a classic bridal look. Not feeling it for your wedding day? Flower crowns are the perfect seasonal accessories for engagement photo sessions, too.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Long gone are the days of a matching bridal party, and while we love the tradition, it never hurts to mix it up either. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are great for flattering the style and figure of each of your best ladies. When done right, the overall look creates some aesthetically pleasing photos. It’s a win-win for all.

Night Shots

For outdoor sessions, you may have heard that golden hour (around sunrise or sunset) is the prime to snap a pic. But as soon as it’s away, the night can add a romantic vibe to your wedding photography, too. While there’s no natural light around, the result is uniquely gorgeous.

Online Wedding Planning

Thanks to the digital age, there’s no need to plan your wedding entirely by phone or in-person meetings. From setting your wedding video budget to finding a wedding photographer and booking wedding photography packages, you can manage the whole process with a few clicks of a button. Stress-free planning right at your fingertips!

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