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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Tackle Together

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Tackle Together

For your resolution, take along your partner-in-crime.

Instead of going solo on this year’s resolution, share one with your significant other. These 5 ideas will help get you started.

Make more time for your relationships.

Do the two of you not spend enough quality time together? Do you wish you spent more time with your friends and less time binge-watching the latest Netflix craze? Examine which of your relationships need some TLC and carve out time to attend to them. Visit your families together and make group dates to hang out with your shared friends.

Live a little healthier.

While this is the most popular New Year’s resolution, we also believe that you should both select an attainable goal for success. Each pick one small, but significant, aspect of your health to focus on. Some suggestions: getting at least eight hours of sleep, drinking more water, limiting how many drinks you have in a week, or taking a small walk together each evening.

Save up for your priorities.

Maybe you two have a killer case of wanderlust and have already planned out your dream vacation. Or perhaps you really want to move out of your apartment and own your own home. Whatever your priorities are, take a hard look at your budget and find a monthly amount to set towards your goal. Put photos that represent your goals on your refrigerator or bulletin board to help keep you on track with your savings.

Try a new hobby.

Sure, you love to craft and he loves to fish, but you also wish you could spend more of your free time together. Not only are shared interests fun, but they can also improve your communication skills. Make a list of things you would love to learn how to do and see what overlaps. From educational classes like first aid to fun activities like ballroom dancing, this is a resolution that’s totally within reach.

Get organized.

Is your home a mess of wedding gifts still in their boxes and closets crammed with too many shoes? It’s time to get organized. Sure, it’s not a whole lot of fun, but you will both feel better in your home once it is done. Check out different storage options, and break out the measuring tape to figure out what shelving and organizational tools will fit best in your space.