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5 Signs You Found the Right Vendors for Your Wedding

5 Signs You Found the Right Vendors for Your Wedding

Trying to find the best wedding vendors for your day? Here’s how to make sure you’re on the right track.

Finding wedding vendors can be a tricky process. Not only are there dozens of amazing wedding professionals out there to choose from, they also all have slightly different offerings, skill sets, styles—in other words, every vendor is unique! So what makes one vendor the right match for your wedding day? Here are five signs you may have found the right wedding vendors.


They Don’t Make You Stress About Your Budget

Not only will the best wedding vendors fit within your pre-planned wedding budget without causing additional strain, they also won’t encourage or pressure you to make decisions that would place you outside your budget. Instead, they’ll help you accomplish what you want without adding stress to your finances. And they’ll never tell you to spend more than you have communicated you want or are able to spend!

They Champion Your Favorite Wedding Ideas

Every talented wedding vendor will have his or her own book of amazing wedding ideas. But they’ll also be ready and willing to take your personal style and wedding theme into account and fully embrace every aspect of your celebration. Instead of trying to shift your day into their dream event (instead of yours!), a great wedding vendor will make you feel like your ideas are worth fighting for.

They Help You Think of New Details You Love

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of coming up with more wedding ideas and details to incorporate in your day? Never fear. From florists to photographers to caterers and beyond, the right wedding vendors will help you brainstorm new options while staying true to the look and feel of the celebration you’ve been hoping and planning for.

They’re Always Up for a Compromise

Whether you’re talking budget, offerings, or scale, a great vendor won’t just say ‘no.’ Instead, they’ll be open and willing to at least have a conversation about sticking points, and be up for considering a compromise or two. Even if you discover you can’t quite meet in the middle, remember that having people who are always up to talk through potential conflicts on your wedding dream team is always a plus!

You Genuinely Enjoy Working with Them

You like them, they like you, you might even (secretly) want to be post-wedding BFFs. It’s true! One of the most important signs that you’ve found the right wedding vendors is that you click, and that you genuinely enjoy working together. Plus, it also means you found a vendor whose personality you enjoy, and even more importantly, a vendor who you can trust. And knowing you can rely on your wedding vendors is an absolute essential for the big day.

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