Wedding Planning

5 Things September Brides Can Accomplish Today

Five tips to help you stay ahead during wedding planning.

We know. It’s the last day of a long weekend and you just want to take a nap.  But with your own wedding right around the corner, you can totally check these 5 items off your checklist today and help improve your pre-wedding stress levels.

1.  Start your thank you cards.

If you have already started to receive your gifts, you can go ahead and start writing your thank you cards.  There’s no rule that your wedding has to be over to send these cards out. In fact, etiquette normally dictates that the giver receive a card no more than 3 months following the gift’s arrival, not the wedding date.  Even if you have not yet received any gifts, you know who the usual suspects will be, so go ahead and pre-address the envelopes. It’ll make finishing the task later that much easier.

2.  Call a friend that needs a check-in.

Your life has been 100% about planning this event.  It can be very busy and stressful. However, chances are, your friends have life events of their own.  You know how much you owe them a conversation, but every time you think about it, there isn’t a free moment. Take some time to give one of them a call and let them know you’re thinking about them.

3.  Settle on a few last-minute honeymoon details.

You’ve already booked the hotel and airplane tickets, but you still might need to decide on some attractions to visit, especially in popular areas.  Go ahead and make a restaurant reservation at that bistro with all of the rave reviews or purchase seats on a harbor cruise at sunset. Ticking these tiny items off your list will help you re-focus on the more pressing things to do.

4. Re-organize your planning checklist.

In the beginning of wedding planning, you organized like a boss.  Things were color-coded and indexed.  Now, you’re staring at your living room floor and the piles of paper that are probably pretty important, but in compete disarray.  Take an hour to clean it up and put things back in their place. In the days before your wedding, you’ll appreciate that you made everything easy to find.

5. Wrap up your wedding party gifts.

The last thing you want to be doing the night before your wedding is wrapping your bridesmaids’ gifts.  Pull out the wrapping paper and get to work. Or just write a few of your wedding party thank you cards. In fact, grab two beers out of the fridge and sit down with your honey, and encourage them to write a couple of their own.

And you know what?  If you really want that nap, you should totally take it.

Photo Credit   |   Hazelwood Photo