Wedding Planning

5 Things to Do the Week of Your Wedding

5 Things to Do the Week of Your Wedding

Accomplish these last-minute to-dos before saying ‘I do.’

After long days of planning, the end is finally in sight—the week of your wedding has arrived! Almost everything’s been organized, and you’re more than ready to marry the love of your life, but prep’s not quite over yet. Before you tie the knot, complete these final tasks. It’s worth it, we promise!



Your wedding website is the key to keeping your guests in the loop throughout your planning process. In the final stages of your countdown, make sure that all of your website’s info is up-to-date. If you still have stragglers who haven’t RSVPed, now’s the time to give them one final call (if you haven’t already written them off or assumed that they’re coming). You’ll have to provide vendors with a final headcount. On that note, confirm details with your vendors, and share any information that you haven’t given them already.

Prep Your Looks

Make sure that dresses, suits, etc. are picked up and fit correctly. You may also want to get your nails done or complete any other beauty-related to-dos. If you haven’t already, we recommend breaking in your shoes, too!

Pack Your Bags

Prepare for your honeymoon if you’re vacation falls right after the big day. This means packing suitcases, finding your passports, printing paperwork, or anything else relevant to your trip.

Make It Official

When you can obtain your marriage license depends on state requirements, but usually, it’s right about now.

Get Organized

Organize everything you need for the day-of, from tip envelopes to getting-ready essentials. Separate and label them to help things go smoothly, and figure out how they’ll get to the venue, if you haven’t.