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5 Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos

5 Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos



Your wedding photos capture one of the most special events in your life, so they should exist outside of social media and your computer. Here are some creative ways to share these sentimental moments long after your big day.



I’ve noticed a trend among my friends lately. While we’re all constantly taking photos with our phones or cameras, the amount of photos that actually get printed out is steadily decreasing. We post them to Facebook, we share them on Instagram, but they live on our computers and in our devices more often than around our homes. We can talk about the daily life shots later, but please, don’t let this happen to your wedding photos! (Like I did. For a very long time.) Because I’m personally convinced that your wedding photos should be a part of your life after “I do,” I’ve got just a few suggestions for you – and some very wonderful ways for you to share your memories of what I know was a beautiful day!






Print them out! There are numerous printing options available these days, from Costco, Walmart to online resources like photobucket and etc.Whether you’re looking for 4 x 6’s to stick in an album or canvas images to hang on your wall, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. And when you do, don’t hesitate to put them up ASAP. Check out: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Mpix, Walgreens, Walmart…and at least five other national options. 





Create a photo book.  What better way to display your photos than in a photo book you can set on your coffee table. Plus, books are a perfect way to add text and share the story behind your day. These also make great gifts – you know your parents and your in-laws would love to have their own collection of your wedding photos! Check out: Blurb, Artifact Uprising, Pinhole Press





Make a calendar. We really love these wood clipboard examples from Artifact Uprising, but there are customizable options available from a number of sources (hint: these also make great gifts for family). Check out: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Artifact Uprising





Turn them into thank you cards. Or, just as wonderful, holiday cards. Because everyone loves getting a letter – especially one that involves some very pretty pictures. Check out: Pinhole Press, Mpix, Tiny Prints, Minted





Instagram them. With instagram photos, the photo saving and storing options make up an entirely separate list of their own! But follow the same guidelines. Make a photo book from Blurb or Prinstagram, print them out as wallet-sized snaps to carry around with you every day, or look to one of our favorites, Stickygram, and make fun and memorable magnets for your fridge. Check out: Printstagram, Blurb, Artifact Uprising, Stickygram




Image credits: Paper Antler // Artifact Uprising // Artifact Uprising // Pinhole Press // Jennifer Chong