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5 Tips for a Cold Weather Engagement Session

Before you set out in the cold weather, here are a few extra pieces of advice to help you make the most of your wintry e-session.

There is something so romantic about a snowy engagement session. From remote ski lodges to the chilly streets of NYC, winter photos of a cute couple with equally adorable scarves are very charming.

1. You both need to moisturize your lips and hands.

It doesn’t take long to start to suffer from chapped features when you are out in the elements. And yes, that will show up in your photos. You’re going to be flashing your ring, so make sure to thoroughly moisturize your hands before and during the session. The two of you can maintain perfectly kissable lips during your frigid photo shoot by reapplying lip balm frequently.

2.  Bundle up in coordinating accessories.

This might seem obvious, but don’t spend all that time coordinating your outfits and then cover them up with mismatched coats and scarves.  Particularly if you have indoor and outdoor locations with your photographer, make sure that you can smoothly transition in and out of your outerwear easily.

3.  Be flexible with your location.

Although it’s always true that you should listen to your photographer when it comes to lighting, it is especially wise when the days are a little darker. You should have several different locations on your list, both indoors and outdoors in event of poor lighting or inclement weather.  By being flexible with your setting, it will help ensure that your photos turn out terrific!

4.  Give your makeup extra thought.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you are standing on a mountain on a blustery winter day, your eyes are going to water.  Once the temperatures drop, you only have to stand outside for a few minutes before your cheeks and nose turn bright pink. When you are doing your makeup make sure that it makes sense for your location.  Wear waterproof eye makeup and a blush that will blend with your natural flush.

5. Pack cold-weather essentials and use them often.

You can never really be too prepared, right?  Bringing along a few cold weather supplies will make the whole experience more comfortable. A warm couple is a happy couple, so keep the mood cozy with the help of hand and foot warmers. These disposable packets can be purchased in most drug or hardware stores and can be slipped into your shoes or coat pockets.  Also bring along some warm (but not super hot) beverages to stave off the cold in between shots.

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Photography   |   Erin Walker