Wedding Planning

5 Tips for a Small Wedding Budget

Here are the best ideas to help you maximize your wedding budget.

It can be difficult to plan a wedding on a small budget. After all, luxurious wedding inspiration surrounds us. But when you have a tiny amount of money that you need to stretch, you can still have a great wedding. Here are 5 tips to maximize your small budget!

It’s important to adjust your expectations.

You are only going to experience frustration if you hold onto the expectation that you can make your wedding look like a Hollywood A-lister’s affair, despite your limited funds. Ditch the expectations of grandeur and focus on making your wedding uniquely beautiful. Look for ideas that are simple to DIY or recreate on the cheap.

Select one or two non-negotiables.

Working with a small budget is easiest when you prioritize. What elements will mean the most to you at your wedding? Do you want an incredible dress? Always dreamed of a towering cake? Don’t care about anything so long as you can have a great DJ to keep the party going? Determine your non-negotiables and outline your priorities from there. Large floral centerpieces might mean a wedding ceremony in your backyard, but if it is what you both want, go for it.

Stay on track.

Start your planning out by taking advantage of all the great, free tools out there – like a free wedding website. Then, use a budget and checklist tool to help keep your spending accounted for and on track. Unforeseen costs will pop up no matter how well you plan ahead, but by being adaptable within your budget, you can stay on target. Adjust your budget for individual items by lowering in one section because of a rising cost in another.

Can you trade for services?

Do you have talented friends and family? Ask that crafty aunt to make your place cards and offer to watch her children for the weekend as a trade. Although you shouldn’t ask wedding professionals to trade or barter, friends and family who are gifted in areas that can help you design your wedding can certainly be persuaded with an exchange.

Embrace the non-traditional.

You’d be surprised just how much a wedding budget can stretch when you’re willing to be married at city hall or on a beach in the Caribbean with just your parents in tow. Look to less traditional options that excite you as a way to make that small budget work!