Wedding Planning

5 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Registry

Make your wishlist true to you.

We love a good wedding registry—and the fact that setting one up can be one of the most laid-back and fun parts of wedding prep. It’s a great chance for the two of you to step back from the hustle and bustle of actual wedding planning, ignore the guest list for a while, and simply enjoy each other’s company and spend some time daydreaming about what your lives will look like together after ‘I do.’ Here are five tips for customizing your wedding registry to fit the two of you, no matter your (life)style.


1. Choose the Right Shops

First of all, don’t feel like you need to stick to one store. In fact, it’s fairly common for couples to register at two or three stores to cover all of their bases. Don’t be afraid to choose items that fit with your personalities, even if that means signing up at stores that don’t scream wedding, like outdoorsy retailers or somewhere you can finally get that new grill you’ve been eyeing for summer barbecues. There are also up-and-coming registries where you can choose items from a variety of stores and compile them on one all-encompassing list.

2. Cover the Basics (But Make Them Your Own)

It can be fun to pick out one-of-a-kind accessories and statement-making décor items, but filling your registry with the essentials is a good first step—if you need them, of course. Don’t stray from your style though. Modern plates, rustic flatware, kitschy glasses; even the basics can look and feel personal.

3. Dream Big (and Small)

By adding a variety of items to your registry at a number of different price points, you’ll build a registry you love while offering your guests something they’ll appreciate, too: options. You never know who’s going to decide to purchase all of the nonstick cookware on your registry, or who’s going to opt to stick to one-off kitchen gadgets (like those herb scissors you’ve had your eye on). If you’ve been dreaming about your very own set of fine china, don’t let the cost scare you away from adding it to the list. Just be sure to have a variety of less-expensive gift options, as well.

4. Reconsider Tradition

That fine china we were just talking about? It’s a perfect example for this next point. Registering for china used to be the norm—but it isn’t an expectation anymore. If you don’t see yourself breaking out the uber-fancy dishes for holidays or dinner parties, don’t register for them. Pick something that fits your everyday life and needs instead. The same goes for the registries you choose themselves. If your kitchen is stocked to the brim, but you would really love some help making your honeymoon an unforgettable adventure, seek out a registry that fits the bill and where your guests can choose to pay for excursions, spa days, or contribute to that suite with an ocean view you’d be thrilled to book for the week.

5. Update as Needed

It occasionally happens that your guests will completely blow you away with their generosity and buy everything on your registry well before your wedding day. If this happens, we have one piece of advice: add more items to your registry! Go back through your home and your chosen stores, see if you missed anything important or thought of something new you’d love to have (whether that’s a couple’s massage on your honeymoon, a stand mixer, or a new set of matching wine glasses even though the mismatched collection you have still gets the job done). Guests can always purchase gift cards of course, but many will be excited about the prospect of sending you something tangible.