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5 Ways to Make Your Junior Bridesmaid Feel Special

5 Ways to Make Your Junior Bridesmaid Feel Special


Junior bridesmaid is a tricky role.  Too old to be a flower girl, and too young to be a full-fledged member of the bridal party, this in-between title can sometimes feel a little awkward. Here are five simple things you can do to make sure your fave young lady feels included and valued.





1. Invite them to all appropriate events.  Several social bridesmaid activities may not be appropriate for your 13 year old cousin: lingerie shopping, bachelorette party, happy hours, etc.  But wedding dress shopping and brunch is perfectly fine for your younger pal.  Being able to attend these events with the ‘older’ ladies will make her feel like part of the gang and very included.




2.  Arrange time for just the two of you, especially if you are close.  You and your ten year old niece have always been thick as thieves.  While it is simply not realistic to invite her to your Vegas bachelorette party, take her out for a special tea or day of shopping. Ask for her advice picking out some small accessory for your wedding. She will feel like a trusted friend with fantastic taste (and who doesn’t like feeling like that?!).




3.  Dress her more closely to the bridesmaids than the flower girl.  Your junior bridesmaid isn’t some kindergarten baby, you know.  Find a dress for her that is an altered version of the bridal party dress.  For example, if they are wearing a strapless sheath, have the tailor add cap sleeves and heighten the neckline. Adjust the hem to an age-appropriate and flattering length. Don’t forget to throw in a pair of kitten heels!




4.  Personalize her thank you gift.  If she’s a little younger, she might not find the thrill of a new clutch or earrings (after all, her ears aren’t even pierced yet!).  In that case, find something that she loves now, but can also treasure later. Perhaps a pretty hardcover edition of her favorite book, or a small art print with an apt quote would absolutely make her day.  If she is at an age where she appreciates what the other bridesmaids have received, buy her the same gift and attach a meaningful note.




5. Utilize one of her talents.  Depending upon her age and personality, your junior bridesmaid has something to share in your wedding planning. Does she have the voice of an angel and a knack for performing? Have her sing a song at your ceremony or reception.  Does she have a steady hand and artistic talent in spades?  Enlist her help for addressing the invitations and making the place cards.  Lending her gifts to your planning will help you check off the next item on your bridal to do list, and make her feel indispensable.




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