Wedding Planning

5 Wedding Registry Ideas for Your Hobbies

Ask for gifts that you’ll truly use (and enjoy!). 

As the average age for marriage increases, our wedding registry needs have definitely changed. Even though we still might have some household items on our list, for many of us, the majority of what we use has already been purchased over the years. So, what to register for instead? Why not ask for something related to what you both love to do in your free time? Our hobbies enrich our lives and relationships, plus a hobby registry is a whole lot of fun for your guests to buy from. Here, we’re offering some of our best interest-related suggestions.


For the Outdoor Enthusiasts

Sports and camping can be expensive hobbies, with plenty of items falling into the ‘extras’ category. Do you need a campstove that also acts as a cell phone charger? No. But the hearts wants what the heart wants. Consider adding these things to your registry! Everything from croquet sets to a giant cooler will have you two being the hit of any last minute weekend plans.

For the DIYers

And yes, for you DIY might mean all things paper crafts and crocheted, while he thinks it involves a trip to the local hardware store. Both of you can be right. No one says that you only have to have one registry. You can stock up on all the scrapbooking materials it will take to get you through the honeymoon photos, and he can finally get those power tools he’s been ogling every weekend for three months. Everyone wins!

For the Couple Suffering from Wanderlust

A vacation registry (whether it is actually for your honeymoon or not) is the perfect list for you! Since both of you prize travel experiences more that physical gifts, you can register for all of the excursions you’ve had earmarked in your Travel + Leisure magazines. Sign up for airfare, train travel, dining at that Parisian bistro with the spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower, and wine tasting your way through Italy. Just remember to send your benefactors a postcard!

For the Museum Geeks

You know who you are. You two scope out all the cultural attractions in every place you visit and you love a self-guided tour. Your home should reflect your love of the museum gift shop. Register with either your local art museum, or the MoMA Store to decorate your home with artist biographies, prints, mugs, and board games. Sure, your friends may not share your love, but they don’t even buy the headsets at the door, so what do they know?

For the Epicureans

You two take cooking seriously. Very seriously. Your registry isn’t the average collection of mixers and wooden spoons, because you owned a Kitchen Aid before your first car. Take your registry to the next level by selecting an assortment of fun tools that you’ve been curious about (onion goggles changed my life) to that knife set that you couldn’t possibly afford (but if three of your friends go in on one…) but covet anyway.

Whichever way you go on your own registry journey, the best gift lists are those that feel authentically like the couple, so have fun and be yourselves!