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A Registry Wish List for the Couple That Needs to Get Organized

A Registry Wish List for the Couple That Needs to Get Organized

Plan ahead for all of your new stuff!



Registering means adding to your shared collection of things. Couple that with the fact that you may be moving in together for the first time, and before you know it, you’re both going to have your hands full with a married home that’s full of more goods than each of you are used to. How can you plan ahead for the influx of stuff? We highly recommend considering storage options. Each new item will need a place, or your abode will get overwhelming fast. That’s why we’ve outlined some organizing ideas below, which you should consider adding to your asks.







Storage Bins


There’s a world of compartments out there, so it’s easy to find a design that suits your space. Search the market’s vast collection, featuring bins that range from canvas to plastic.



Shelving Units


Shelves can go nearly anywhere, whether they’re affixed to the wall in your living room or standing in your bedroom. We like the rustic look of this option, which would look great in a pantry. Or, opt for floating ones, or even a structure that comes with drawers.



Furniture Pieces


Bars and bar carts, TV stands, dressers, and even ottomans can offer added storage space. Take this chic (and hollow) foot rest for example.



Other Organizers


Really, when it comes to organizing, the options are pretty endless. Whether you’re after drawer dividers, food containers, or this corkboard for your piling wedding-related mail to get pinned to, rest assured that you can find registry items that meet your specific needs.