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Acrylic And Gel Nails Are Toxic (But There Is An Alternative)

In the last few years nail care and nail adornment has exploded. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna have been sporting spectacular nails, and women everywhere are joining the movement.


On your wedding day, you want every detailed taken care of, including your nails. From holding the bouquet, to hugging your loved ones, your nails will be noticed throughout the night.



Thousands of women get their nails done for their wedding; it’s a way to promise beautiful nails and a relaxing afternoon. However, the salon style acrylic nails and, newly popular, gel manicures are not an eco-friendly, nor healthy solution to quick beautiful nails.


Nails are like an extension of our skin. Under certain conditions, they will absorb chemicals and compounds allowing toxins to get in our blood streams. Toxins like those found in acrylic and gel nail formulas contain harmful chemicals that not only enter your body, but have been linked to various eye, skin, and respiratory issues. Exposure to these chemicals over a long period of time may result in complete nail loss. In addition to being weakened by chemicals like nail polish remover or acetone, constantly drilling and roughly filing natural nails can thin and weaken them.




In the 1970s, the FDA fought to ban a key component used in acrylic applications, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), for its toxicity and potential to cause bodily harm. The nail industry fought back, agreeing to use a diluted version of MMA. Today, some scientists are still up in arms arguing that the diluted version is just as dangerous as the original.  Regardless, some salons continue to use 100% MMA since it is cheaper than the diluted version.




Safer Alternatives? Buyer Beware!


The growing awareness about the danger of acrylics fueled the nail industry to start marketing “different applications.” Gel and shellac nail topcoat applications were introduced as a safer alternative. What many women fail to see on the packaging is that gel manicure products contain similar toxic chemicals as their acrylic counterparts; Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BBA) and Methyl Pyrrolidone (both of which are listed on the California Proposition 65 list of toxic chemicals). BBA is considered a carcinogen, and shellac nail applications contain Methyl Pyrrolidone, which can potentially cause harm to the reproductive system. These “new” enhancements have fast drying molecular compounds requiring nails to be placed under a Ultraviolet (UV) light to cure and set the nail. Although the amount of UV ray exposure is minimal, the cumulative effect is not unlike laying in a tanning bed as it may cause skin cancer on your hands.




Haute Nail Couture Allows You to Treat Yourself Green


Innovation and technology has recently combined to create an alternative to these harmful and wasteful nail applications! Custom Nail Solutions is an eco-friendly, revolutionary, and patented nail beauty breakthrough that has evolved from the dental industry and offers the world’s only custom fit fingernail that will not break, chip, crack or stain. The nails are removable, reusable, and will last your lifetime!  









The custom nails are much simpler and less time-consuming to apply than getting acrylics or gel nails at the salon. Simply apply your custom nails to your natural nail with a brush on adhesive. With the Impression System from Custom Nail Solutions simply send your completed impressions to company headquarters & within days, your created nails are sent to you inside your maintenance kit, which has everything you need to apply, remove and care for your nails. Custom nails can be painted any color, applied with nail art or nail wraps, and can easily be removed with nail polish remover when done with that specific look. The wear time of your custom nails varies from person to person but is approximately two to three weeks, so there’s just enough time to have beautiful nails for your wedding and your honeymoon.




Custom nails are like pieces of jewelry—you can have a pair for multiple occasions! In fact, your individual scans are archived so you may conveniently order additional sets to fit your life style. Their nails come in five lengths, three shapes and two designs. You can have healthy, beautiful, glamorous, convenient nails on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. This is the safest and best nail product system for all nail professionals to use. See salon locations at and visit the Salons Near You Tab for a salon near you.



This makes a beautiful gift for a bride or gift to the bridesmaids to remember her special day.