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Advice for Brides Who Wear Glasses

Advice for Brides Who Wear Glasses

Got glasses? Check out these suggestions to match them to your wedding day style!





For many brides who wear glasses, they prefer contacts on their wedding day. Other brides, especially those whose glasses are a part of their signature style, want to wear their pretty spectacles.  Here are a few pieces of advice to help you look your best, glasses and all!



Take them with you shopping.


If you have multiple pairs of glasses, bring the pair you want to wear on your wedding day with you when you try on dresses or purchase other accessories. Whenever you have anything that is a must on your wedding day (your mom’s locket or wearing your hair in an updo), you should try everything on together.






Check for reflection.


The only real downside to wearing glasses on your wedding day is the possibility for a reflective sheen to your lenses.  It can be frustrating to look at your wedding photos and realize there isn’t a single shot where you can see your eyes clearly.  Some lenses are less reflective than others.  During your engagement session or just an impromptu meeting with your photographer, ask them to take a few shots to make sure your glasses are good to go.








As with any accessory, your glasses should match your wedding day style.


If you want your glasses to look seamless with your other bridal accessories, the trick is to pick a pair of frames that blends well with the style. Retro brides should look for thicker frames, and (if it suits the bride’s face shape and coloring) perhaps go with a quirky shape in a bright shade.  More traditional brides with minimalist tendencies should wear an elegant, subdued frame that won’t distract from their pretty gown.






A few makeup tips…


As someone who has worn glasses, you probably already know what type of eye makeup coordinates well with your frames, but just in case…


Yes, glasses draw attention to your eyes, but they can also compete with just how much your eye makeup stands out. For example, if you wear thick, black frames, your liner might just seem to disappear. Play around with your makeup to find a look you love, that will also show up in photos. Talk to your makeup artist about liquid liner and false eyelashes. You might just find a new everyday look in the process!





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