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12 Best Wedding Gifts for Your Ring Bearer

12 Best Wedding Gifts for Your Ring Bearer
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One of the most enchanting moments of any wedding is when the ring bearer performs his solemn duties (which basically consist of being adorable). As he transports the rings down the aisle, you’ll certainly swoon over his cuteness. But before that moment, find an epic thank-you gift for him just as you would for the other members of your wedding party. Everyone who participates in your nuptials should get a gift, whether it’s an inexpensive token or something more lavish, and the smallest member of the wedding party needs one, too. His gift can be something wedding-themed to memorialize his special role or it can be more tailored to his personality. Personalized gifts are also great options. The ring bearer gift doesn’t have to break the bank, but it should be special enough that it truly communicates your gratitude to him for being in your wedding. You can present his gift when you ask him to be in your wedding or as a gift on the wedding day. Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of the coolest ring bearer gifts from your favorite retailers, including Uncommon Goods, Etsy and Amazon. Now you can make this little man feel as appreciated as he is.



Finding the Best Wedding Gifts for Your Ring Bearer



Thankfully, ring bearer gifts aren’t head scratchers. They’re easy to shop for because they can be silly, playful, sweet or nostalgic. You can buy a ring bearer gift that can act as a prop for him during the ceremony like a formal shirt or “ring bearer” badge for his lapel. You can gift him with a keepsake bag filled with items to keep him busy during the reception: coloring books, games and a toy car. We found one that includes a wedding limo. Among the personalized gifts that make a fabulous option, we love a customized superhero cape, a monogrammed stuffed animal or a baseball bat with his name engraved on it.



How to Get Gift Ideas for Your Ring Bearer



There’s no hard-and-fast rule about the price of a ring bearer gift beyond what your financial situation allows. The gift can consist of a simple thank-you note and a book or it can be more elaborate. Think about your relationship to the child. The closer you are to the ring bearer, the bigger the gift should be. This would certainly be the case if he is your nephew or the child of your bestie. Also, if it was a considerable expense for his parents to attend your wedding such as flying in from a faraway state or another country, consider increasing the price tag of your gift beyond that of a token present.



Age Appropriateness:

Ring bearers typically range from ages three to eight years old although these roles sometimes go to someone younger. In such cases, his mom or dad will accompany him down the aisle. Keep the ring bearer’s age in mind when shopping for a gift as his age will definitely affect the choice. We have included gifts on our list that are appropriate for a wide range of ages with some gifts that can last into adulthood like a picture frame with his photo from the wedding included.




Some ring bearers are a little more mature and want gifts that underscore this like a personalized baseball bat. Others still retain a child’s sensitivity and will appreciate a personalized stuffed animal. Take some time to think about your ring bearer’s personality and style and then purchase with that in mind. We have found many gift options that are specific to a variety of personalities and styles, and we hope it helps you find a gift that is tailor-made for your littlest guy.



Material & Other Features:

Think about the appropriateness of the gift for the ring bearer and for his parents. Gift him with something he can use right now if he is old enough to be aware of it, but make certain it’s not something that will cause the parents grief. Avoid a video game if his parents abide by a no-screens philosophy or a toy that is impossible for a child to assemble without a Mensa member’s help. If he’s a tiny tot, feel free to get him something his parents will appreciate like an item of decor for his nursery.



1 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Toy

Personalized Ring Bearer LEGO Figure and Car


How much more perfect could a ring bearer gift get? This Etsy maker has used minifigure LEGO parts to create a ring bearer dressed in a “Ring Security” shirt with a matching briefcase. The figure can be personalized with his name on his shirt and the fitting hair color and style and with or without sunglasses. His mini security sports car can also be personalized with the ring bearer’s name on the rear license plate.

This toy is made from genuine LEGO parts to make the handcrafted item.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is the absolute cutest! I’m so excited to use this to ask my nephew to be our ring bearer.

2 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Personalized Gift

My Hero Headquarters Superhero Cape


Reveal your superpower — gift giving! — to your ring bearer by getting him this custom superhero cape with mask and cuffs. Made of high-quality satin, it features a light blue exterior with a royal blue lining and a stylish “bolt” icon. The sewn-on Velcro closure makes for an easy change from superhero back into a boy. Both the wrist cuffs and the mask are made of an outside layer of felt and an inside layer of soft plush fleece for complete comfort. And because it’s made in three different sizes, this cape will fit ring bearers of various sizes and ages.

Made of satin, felt, Velcro and vinyl

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is a great cape as expected. I placed the order only a week and a half before I needed it, and they made it arrive on time. I could tell the seller really wanted everything to go as promised. I highly recommend this and would buy again from this seller.

3 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Most Artistic

The Gift Reserve Ring Bearer Crayons


Your ring bearer can get creative with this charming crayon set that comes beautifully packaged in a premium white gift box that features the boy’s name and is tied with a gold bow. The box can be labeled with a sentiment to match your presentation timing: “Will you be our...” or “Thank you for being our...” is printed on the box and finished with the crayons inside that spell out the word “ring bearer.” The handmade crayons make the gift even more special.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, the crayons will have some imperfections and color mixing.
Letters are approximately 3⁄4 inches each and are non-toxic.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I completely love every detail from the personalized boxes to the crayons. The child also enjoyed it and loved it!

4 of 12 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Book

The Best Ever Ring Bearer: All the Best Things About Being in a Wedding


Written for the coolest boy in the bridal party, The Best Ever Ring Bearer takes him on an adventure to discover what awaits him in his role (and to remember it afterward). The book explains the various details of the ring bearer’s special suit, how he is meant to help the bride and groom and smile as he walks down the aisle. Bonus: The book concludes when the ring bearer saves the wedding from a wayward frog! We love that this book helps young boys understand the duties and importance of their job. What a wonderful keepsake.

This book’s reading level is preschool to third grade.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I bought this for my four-year-old ring bearer, and it's perfect. I believe it could really be used for any age.

5 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Gift for a Toddler

Rose and Lily Boutique Personalized Elephant


A classic plush toy is a great gift idea as it gives a young ring bearer something to snuggle with. We love the quality and design of this personalized elephant that will engage him on the big day and remain a treasured keepsake. You can choose the main color, which are used in the bow tie and initial (either baby blue or white). You can also choose which color glitter you want for the boy’s name and wedding date (gold or silver). Bonus: It’s machine washable.

Made of polyester
Machine wash cold water gentle cycle with no fabric softener.
Air dry

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I absolutely cannot wait to ask our ring bearer to be part of our day with this adorable stuffed animal! His favorite animal is the elephant, and I know he’ll love it. It is so soft, and the lettering is perfect.

6 of 12 Image Credits: Uncommon Goods

Most Stylish Gift

Uncommon Goods Personalized Storybook Pillow


If your ring bearer is particularly young, his parents will enjoy this super stylish pillow that can be personalized with his name to become a charming item of decor. As he matures, the ring bearer will recognize that this pillow has transformed him into an adventurous literary figure! The custom, storybook-inspired illustrations by Patricia Carlin included on each side exquisitely evoke timeless classics, creating a pillow that will transition from nursery to bedroom to grown-up keepsake. The illustration can be customized to reflect your “character” of choice — baby or child — as well as for skin tone, gender and hair color. The parents' names are displayed as "authors" of this story and you can “review” your ring bearer’s story to add an endearing touch to the back of the pillow.

Made in Brooklyn of cotton canvas and a synthetic down insert
Measures 20 inches by 16 inches

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It’s wonderful! I love this pillow. It's even cuter in person than it was online.

7 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Gift for the Sporty Boy

JCS Designs Personalized Mini Bat


Your ring bearer can always remember his role in the ceremony when he hits a ball with this darling mini bat. It is engraved with his name in your choice of color: natural, blue, green, black or red. The engraving is lasting unlike other bats that are personalized with a vinyl sticker or paint. When your ring bearer gets too big for this bat, it can be propped on a mantel or bookshelf as an item of decor.

Each mini bat measures 18-inches long and is four inches in circumference.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is going to be the best present ever! It looks better than imagined and was received sooner than expected. It is the perfect keepsake gift. I highly recommend it.

8 of 12 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Clothing Gift

7 ate 9 Apparel Ring Bearer Raglan Shirt


While it is common to have a ring bearer decked out with a suit and bow tie, this 3/4-length sleeve raglan shirt can be worn down the aisle for more casual affairs. Alternately, it can be worn for a pre- or post-ceremony photo. Either way, he will love it. The shirt is super soft with a print that is professionally applied to the fabric. It’s not an iron on transfer, which means it won’t crack or peel.

Made of a cotton polyester blend

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I bought this shirt for my nephew. Everyone loved the shirt. He was the hit of the party!

9 of 12 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Gift Package

Kid Friendly Weddings Ring Bearer Wedding Activity Backpack


We love a backpack as a gift. The ring bearer can use it after the wedding for school, travel and visits to his grandparents’ house. This backpack pick features an image of a boy holding a ring bearer pillow and standing in front of a limousine car. It features a side mesh pocket to hold a water bottle (not included), as well as a front-zippered pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap. There’s also a bounty inside. The coolest item is the 1999 Lincoln Limousine collectible model car that features pullback action, opening front and back doors, a hood that raises and a sliding sunroof window. There’s also a “Saying I Do” wedding activity book with a box of four Crayola crayons and a package of four mini-markers, pencil and novelty eraser. Bonus: It also includes a Create-a-Card for the Bride and Groom Kit that the boy can make with the included Wikki Stix.

Made of polyester and measures 11.5 inches by 16 inches by 5 inches

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My ring bearer loved this backpack filled with fun items. It is hard to find gifts for the ring bearer, and this was a great choice. I’m so glad I came across it on Amazon.

10 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Musical Gift

Ebo Engraving Personalized Train Whistle


This old-fashioned train whistle can be engraved with anything you want for an ideal wedding gift for your ring bearer. You can have his name engraved on one side, the words “ring bearer” on another and the wedding date on a third side. The text is laser engraved into the wood, making it virtually impossible to wear off. The whistle’s four holes produce an authentic train sound.

Made of wood that is laser engraved with text

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I absolutely love the train whistle. My son loves it, too! The vendor was quick to respond to questions, and processing and shipping was very fast. I’m very satisfied.

11 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Accessory Gift

JCS Designs Ring Security Badge


This wooden Ring Security Badge is perfect for the little boy whose job it is to keep the rings safe on the big day. It is handmade to feature the ring bearer’s name on the top, and it comes with a pin back attached. Made from Baltic birch wood, it features a color and grain that is wholly unique. We love that it is more sophisticated than similar badges.

Handmade of Baltic birch wood.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It came out perfect, and they were able to customize it without any issues! This is a fun ring bearer pin. Everyone loves it.

12 of 12 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Keepsake Gift

Kate Posh Ring Bearer Picture Frame


Hand-crafted by artisans in a California studio, this lovely frame features the words “ring bearer” at the top and “Thank you for guiding our way on our wedding day” at the bottom. Made of top-quality natural wood, the frame includes words that are engraved, not printed, for lasting quality. The frame holds a 4-by-6-inch photo and includes a back stand easel for table display as well as wall-hanging clips for wall mounting.

Made of top-quality natural wood

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is an amazing product. I can't wait to take a picture with the sibling ring bearer and flower girl and give it to them. I love the quality of this product. It's clean work. I might as well buy other stuff from this eco-friendly seller as I'm pro-environment, and this is perfect.