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Bride’s Perspective: Four Lovely Touches to Add to Your Wedding Website

Bride’s Perspective: Four Lovely Touches to Add to Your Wedding Website


We finally finished our wedding website, and I’m so excited to share it today! I knew I wanted our site to be chic but also warm and personal, similar to the type of feelings I hope our wedding will evoke. During the process of building our wedding website, I did a lot of research around things to include. Here are four of my favorite personal touches:





1. A custom domain name so the URL is easy to remember. People are busy, and you want your wedding website to be easy for them to remember and navigate to. Having “.typepad” or some other site name as part of your URL just makes it harder for people to recall. Also, think about how people typically refer to you as a couple. Do they tend to put your name or your fiance’s name first? For us, people tend to put my name first, so we made our site easy: If the first URL you think of is taken, try thinking of nicknames that people know you by.




2. Bridal party bios. I love reading about people’s bridal parties and how they know the bride and groom! It’s a fun touch for your guests visiting your site, and it also makes your party feel special (which they are!). Great things to include in their bios are their relationship to the bride and groom, where they live, what they do (for a living or for fun), and even a fun, short story (for example, I wrote about how my bridesmaid Nicole and I were arch enemies on the fifth grade tetherball court, but became best friends in high school). I’ve seen some bridal party bios that are all about that person’s qualities, and while I’m sure your bridal party is lovely and of course your MOH is kind, generous, giving, and hilarious, it’s more interesting for your guests to read fun facts or stories about your party.







3. The couple’s story. Even though most people looking at your wedding website will be familiar with the story of how you met and fell in love, it’s still fun to read on your wedding website!



4. Things to do around the area, restaurant and bar recommendations. Most likely, you will have people traveling from out of town to attend your wedding. Whether or not they’re familiar with the area, it’s a nice touch to include not just accommodation recommendations, but also recs for your favorite restaurants, bars, and things to do nearby.







For those of you looking to create your own wedding website, has some great, free design options (I really love this Baroque Detail one). Enjoy!