Wedding Planning

Communicating Details with Out of Town Guests

Using one of our free wedding websites? Don’t forget that your wedding website can be the best way to communicate updates with your guests.

Using one of our free wedding websites? Don’t forget to use it to keep your guests in the loop and communicate any updates to wedding day information with them. If you have reserved a block of hotel rooms for your guests, make sure to mention it on the site, as well as any other pertinent details, such as the hotel’s contact info, directions from the nearest airport, and parking information (if applicable). It is also nice to include other hotels in the area at several different price points in case your selected block fills up. Some people prefer to travel in luxury, while others prefer to be thrifty.

You can also include a link to your wedding website on your save-the-dates or wedding invitations. Although we recommend you avoid mentioning the price of the rooms, it’s easy for guests to call the hotel and ask for information about the rate, then decide if that price fits into their budget. 

Other essentials are also best shared on your wedding website – even if you’ve included them in your wedding invitations. By adding the time and date (and even location) of your wedding to your free wedding website, you’re offering guests a failsafe. After all, even if they manage to forget the invitation in their travels, they can always access your website to get the details and make sure they arrive at the ceremony on time!

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