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Cooking with the Couple: 12 Christmas Gift Ideas to Warm Their Home

Dinner for two just got that much easier with these Christmas gift ideas for the kitchen. Scroll down to find our favorite picks that weren’t on their registry!

The Newlywed Cookbook

Table for Two

Cooking for two is hard. It involves meal prep, stocking the pantry, proportion sizing and general planning with another human. Not to mention always having to be in sync on what you both feel like eating. This newlywed cookbook explains a variety of techniques for couples to cook both with and for each other. ($35;

green baking dish

Oven to Table

Does your favorite couple love to host? One of our fave kitchen essentials is bakeware that looks good enough to go straight from the oven to the dinner table. World Market gives us this do-it-all pick that comes complete with a lid that doubles as a serving trivet. ($19.99;

vegetable spiralizer

Dinner Party Ready

Getting your daily dose of veggies has never been so easy. Transform everyday farmer’s market finds into fabulous pasta dishes, stir fries, salads and shoestring fries. Not to mention, zucchini pasta is the best way to impress your guests. This one tops our list of Christmas gift ideas for the couple! ($59.50;

red popcorn maker

Movie Night? Breakfast? Snack?

Don’t let this retro-inspired find fool you; it goes beyond fresh, buttery popcorn. In addition to traditional and flavor coated popcorn, this kitchen gadget is able to pop or heat nuts, granola, cereal, trail mix and so much more for your snacking pleasure. ($49.99;

recipe box gift set

Store, Save & Share

Not going to make it home for dinner? Make sure your spouse is all set with their favorite dinner recipes! This recipe card box is the perfect way to share and store all of your family favorites. ($69.95;

ice cream maker

Have It Your Way

Say goodbye to messy ice and salt! This fully automatic ice cream maker lets newlyweds have ice cream dates right at home. Make the gift complete with their favorite toppings (did someone say M&M’s?). ($59.95;

measuring spoons set

It’s the Little Things

Your favorite couple may already have a measuring set, but odds are it rarely receives the attention it deserves. Turn drab to fab with this pretty pick that is sure to be on display. ($28;

gourmet vanilla collection

Quality is Key

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: quality ingredients lead to quality meals. Your favorite couple may not personally splurge on the best vanilla, but they’ll be so grateful you did for them! Did we mention how well these pair with the ice cream maker above? ($34.95;

handled pizza pan

Pretty & Practical

A baking stone should be an essential piece for any kitchen. These stones mimic a brick oven by absorbing heat and making sure your food is cooked evenly, while taking away some of the moisture to give your crust that crunch we love. Not to mention, how cute are these copper accents? Win/win. ($75;

terra cotta baker

Simmer & Serve

What did we say about oven to table? We can’t get enough of it! Crafted with terracotta, this tangine has a conical lid to keep your meals tender and flavorful. ($29.99;

small herb garden

Click & Grow

You don’t need a green thumb to have the freshest ingredients around town. The best way to get take your meals to the next level is by using fresh herbs, and this planter does all the work for you. Simply plug in, add water, and get ready for that fresh-picked taste. ($59.99;

wok for stir frying

A New Staple

Woks can be used for so much more than stir-frying. The quick heating and high sides allow for the perfect depth and control for pan frying, deep frying, steaming, smoking…you name it. ($34.95;