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Fun Summer Activities for Couples That Will Melt the Wedding Stress Away

Fun Summer Activities for Couples That Will Melt the Wedding Stress Away

Get ready to relax and fall in love all over again while engaging in these fun activities for couples who are waiting to tie the knot!


Plan a Picnic

Eating alfresco on a cute blanket is always a great date. Choose an area away from distractions and don’t forget to turn off your phones. Enjoy the flavors of the yummy food you packed as you take in the fresh air, the scenery, and the chance to be with the one you love. Planning a picnic doesn’t take too much time and thankfully, most of us don’t have to go far to find a green spot that will do just fine.


Go Camping

Spending a weekend or week in the wilderness is a great chance to bond with your new fiance. Spend the days hiking, canoeing, and fishing, and the evenings wrapped in blankets by the fire. Being in nature also can have a relaxing effect on our bodies, so enjoy the views as your mind clears and the worries melt away.

new hobby

Pick Up a New Hobby

Find an interesting hobby that you both would like to explore, anything from scuba diving to woodworking. Work as a team to strive towards new achievements in the activity that you chose. Ultimately, this can become something that you will enjoy doing together even after you tie the knot.

couple cooking

Cook Together

Instead of going out, consider staying in and cooking an elaborate meal together. Choose a fancy dish from your favorite cookbook and get to work. Don’t forget to turn on some tunes and open the wine as soon as you open the fridge! Cooking has been shown to decrease stress in many of us, so see if it works for you!

weekend getaway

Couple Getaway

Don’t wait for your honeymoon to travel together and plan fun activities together. After a full week of work and wedding planning, plan a trip away, even if just for the weekend. Find a charming bed and breakfast in a quaint town and savor the feeling of being carefree and in love. You both deserve it.

pear picking

Create a Bucket List

If you are anything like us, you’ll already have an extremely long to-do list associated with the wedding. However, in order to stay sane in the process, draft another list. This one though, is one of fun activities for couples that you have always wanted to do but haven’t. The due date? As you are checking off all those wedding-related tasks that seem to be piling up, remember that you have a second list that you also have to get done. Except this one is all about picking your own fruit and baking a pie or beating your fiance at go-kart racing. Let the adventures begin!

double date

Meet With Friends

Many of your friends might feel abandoned now that you are formally engaged. Reassure them that their friendship is still important to you by planning activities for you, your fiance, and your friends to do together. Plan a soccer game at a local park, invite them to a dinner party at your house, or even just go out for drinks on the town. Fight the urge to want to spend every moment alone with your husband-to-be and open the chance for even stronger friendships. You won’t regret it.


Volunteer Together

Wedding planning is mostly about you and your groom-to-be. Why don’t you take some time off from thinking about yourself and spend it helping others? Find a charity or a cause that you and your fiance both support. Knowing that you are doing good work will make you feel less stressed and more appreciative.

hiking couple

Stay Active

Top way to relieve stress? Staying active! So join up with your partner and participate in activities for couples that get your heart pumping. Start running in the evenings, planning longer cycling trips on the weekend, or spending one hour every week on the tennis court. Motivate each other to be physically active and see how much more fun it is when you have your best friend with you.

couple games

Play Games

Yes, you can plan a movie marathon, but playing board games actually ranks much higher as far as activities for couples are concerned. There’s more active interaction, thought, and memorable moments induced by challenging your fiance to a round of Settlers of Catan or Forbidden Island than by just sitting next to him on the couch!