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Groom’s Ladies and Bride’s Men: Can It Be Done?

Groom’s Ladies and Bride’s Men: Can It Be Done?




A few weeks ago, I featured this gorgeous Chapel Hill wedding from A.J. Dunlap Photography. It’s one of my favorite weddings for a multitude of reasons, but the groom’s sweet and unique decision to have his dad as his best man and his sisters also stand up with him has to be my favorite. Because it got me thinking…






It was the first time I’d ever featured (or even seen) a wedding with groom’s ladies (that’s what they called them – cute, right?) I absolutely loved the idea! Because what if your groom has sisters, cousins, or best girl friends that he wants to stand up with him? What if you (the bride) have brothers, cousins, or best guy friends that you want standing by your side? Enter groom’s ladies and bride’s men!! Which could totally include a Man of Honor and Best Woman!!







So, how do you accomplish this, make it work well, and look good? It’s simple, really. You ask those you want in your bridal party if they’ll agree. Make everyone feel loved and special, and don’t be upset if someone feels awkward and bags out. If you have bride’s men, have them get fitted for the same tux as the groom and groomsmen. They’ll blend in and look just as dapper as them in photos and in person. The same can be said for groom’s ladies. In the photo above, you can see that the bridesmaids dresses are lightly colored and mismatched, and the groom’s ladies’ dresses fall right in with that. They don’t look out of place at all. And the photographs are gorgeous!!




What do you think of Groom’s Ladies and Bride’s Men? Do you think it will be a new trend?

Photo credit: A.J. Dunlap Photography via Heart Love Always