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15 Boo-tiful Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

15 Boo-tiful Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

Halloween isn’t exactly a traditional wedding theme but that doesn’t mean your nuptials can’t be spooky and stylish. If you’re taking your vows on or near Oct. 31, why not get into the spirit — tastefully? Little “bewitching” touches like Halloween wedding cake toppers can have big impact. Here, we’ve rounded up chic, subtle ways to top off your sweet treats.





Cake toppers





Halloween cake toppers can veer into tacky or terrifying territory — and quickly. Since we prefer our desserts sans slasher-flick decor, we’re keeping this selection cute, fun and family-friendly. It’s not about over-the-top references to the holiday but rather playful touches that celebrate you and your boo (get it?).


The best thing about gothic wedding cake toppers is that they won’t require you to have all-out Halloween wedding cakes. They’re a discreet detail to highlight your theme and complete the decorations on your cake table.


Above, these little ghosties would be terrific for a cake table filled with low layer cakes in different flavors. Decor details like these can help tie a sweet table together.



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Fairy Elements Halloween Cake Toppers, $4;


The Sprinkle Sisters Ghost Cake Topper, $10;




You can be glam and still get a little creepy-crawly. These metallic bugs, added to a to-die-for tuxedo cake, can be removed from each slice.


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The Short Giraffe Bugs Insects Mini Figures Gold, $15;


Land of the Unique Spider Cake Topper, $20;



Are you a traditional Halloween fan? Go with iconic Halloween details like pumpkins and bats. Especially with black accents, these toppers are the tiniest bit spooky but still pretty.









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Indigo Twin Kissing Crows Wedding Cake Topper, $85;


Courtney Rector Wedding Black Birds Ravens Crows in Love Wedding Cake Topper, $70;




Day of the Dead skeleton wedding cake toppers have grown in popularity over the last few years. Celebrate with a colorful skeleton bride and groom (above) or sugar skull gothic wedding cake toppers in black (below).




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Nat Cake Toppers Day of the Dead Wedding Cake Topper, $230;


Retrocrix Wedding Cake Topper, $65;


Silhouette Weddings Day of the Dead /Sugar Skull Wedding Cake Topper, $50;




Similarly, these two toppers will give your wedding cake a hint of haunted house thrills, with classic monsters (above) and creepy fonts (below).




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Gingerbread Romantic Halloween Cake Topper, $25;


Acrylic Design for You Frankenstein and Bride Cake Topper, $13;




If you want your Halloween to be more autumnal than holiday specific, there are also plenty of cake toppers for you. These bride and groom pumpkins are super sweet and great for a traditional couple. Below, we don’t know how they made this wild, caramelized sugar topper, but we are 100% in. To get a similar effect without all the effort, try edible fall leaf toppers.





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Morgan the Creator Pumpkin Fall Wedding Cake Topper, $20;


Polka Dot Top Shop Pumpkin Cake Topper, $28;


Sugar Robot Inc. Mini Edible Fall Leaves, $11;



If you’re using a black and gray palette, go with something like a moon and stars for your decor. It gives just a hint of darkness while still being very glamorous.




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P2 Topper Moon and Stars Cake Topper, $12;


Paper Coqui Moon Cake Topper, $10;







Cupcake toppers



Cupcakes are fantastic because they allow you to affordably offer a variety of flavors and also keep your cake-cutting costs down. Decorate yours with deliciously wicked flags like the ones below.



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Aunties Jammies Halloween Gothic Party Cupcake Toppers, $20;


Little Pumpkin Papers Halloween Cupcake Toppers, $12;


You’d be surprised at just how sophisticated cobwebs can look at a Halloween wedding — as long as they are fake, that is. These marshmallow ones are draped over cupcakes with chocolate frosted peaks.





For a little witchy fun, go with red velvet cupcakes with hat and broom flags. You could even do this just for the kiddos at your big event, but we don’t think you’ll be able to keep the adults from stealing them.




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Wylde Magnolia Halloween Cupcake Toppers, $15;


Picwrap Witch Hat Halloween Cupcake Topper Pack, $12;



Whether you’re a huge Hitchcock fan or not, you know there’s something foreboding about a group of ravens (they are called a ‘conspiracy’ or ‘unkindness’ when together, after all). We think that these two ravens holding a banner in their beaks is the perfect eerie topper for a large wedding cake.




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