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Help Your Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Get Down the Aisle!

Help Your Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Get Down the Aisle!



Got an adorably tiny person in your wedding party who is a little intimidated by her walk down the aisle?  Flower girls and ring bearers are sometimes uncomfortable with their moment in the spotlight.  Two-hundred eyes staring at them while oohing and aahing?  Totally scary. Here are some simple tips to help your favorite kiddos overcome their case of stage fright!



Place a parent at the end with an incentive.


Every kid has their favorite treat. Whether it’s a baggie full of Goldfish crackers or a chocolate chip cookie, a tasty morsel in the hands of their mom or dad can be an easy way to get them to walk all the way down the aisle.



Let them carry something down the aisle.


Do they have a favorite stuffed animal or blankie?  Especially if your little one is small enough to be toted in a wagon, let them put their toy in the wagon with them.  No one wants to leave a good pal behind, and Mr. Bunny might be just the ticket to make them feel confident.



Have your ring bearer and flower girl walk together.


Did your flower girl and ring bearer totally hit it off?  Rather than have them walk down separately, encourage them to walk together.  Having the company will make them feel like the focus isn’t completely on them.  Extra cuteness points if these insta-besties hold hands!



Give them plenty of practice.


At the wedding rehearsal, give your flower girl and ring bearer as much practice as they want.  Make it a positive experience for them with plenty of praise, and ask your wedding party to make a big deal out of their monumental achievement of making it to the finish line.



Talk to them or their parents.


While you are doing wedding planning, chat with your flower girl and ring bearer about how excited they are about their wedding duties. If you get the sense that they are a little hesitant, talk to their parents to make sure this is something the child actually wants to do.



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