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Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying a Gift When Everything on the Registry Is Gone

Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying a Gift When Everything on the Registry Is Gone

Giving cash isn’t your only option.



Wedding registries are supposed to make gift-giving simple: The bride and groom pick out their favorite items at different price points from a store or two, and guests buy them that comforter or those margarita glasses with confidence, knowing it’s something the couple really wants. But sometimes—especially if there’s a large guest list, the registry never had much on it, or you’ve waited until very close to the wedding date—you may find there’s nothing left to buy. What then? Check out these solutions that will help with this common dilemma.







Check with the bride or her family to see if she’s adding anything to the registry.


When a couple builds their registry, they’re generally instructed to check in regularly to make sure there are still plenty of gifts left; if not, they should pick out some. Nice problem to have!



Buy something else from the same collection or store.


Take a look at their completed registry list and see if there’s an additional item you can purchase. If they chose a certain china pattern, for example, pick out a matching accessory—like a butter dish or gravy boat—that wasn’t on their list. You could also shop for a gift in the same store where they’re registered since you know it matches their taste.



Buy a classic gift.


Wine glasses, candlesticks, and serving platters are useful gifts newlyweds could use in duplicate, so if you want to get them something home-oriented, these are safe choices. Just make sure the gift matches their style and that you make your purchase in a store where the bride and groom can easily make an exchange or return.



Give cash.


Money never goes out of style and is often what the couple prefers. Maybe they’re saving for a house or have lived together long enough that their home is fully furnished. Cash gifts will come in handy for their future needs.



This story originally appeared on Martha Stewart Weddings.