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How to Choose the Best Cookware Set for Your Registry

How to Choose the Best Cookware Set for Your Registry


The best part of creating a registry? Getting to shop for virtually anything you could want. There’s a downside to that much variety, though, and that’s not being able to narrow down your favorites. In a sea of kitchen supplies, how are you supposed to choose the best coffee maker, knife set, or toaster oven? Making these choices can be tricky—and they can become even more complicated when you’re shopping for something you’ll turn to time and again, like your cookware set. Stainless steel, nonstick ceramic, and enamel: the buzz words alone feel like code. Luckily, we’ve put together a few tips to choosing the cookware set that will work best for you, so you and your fiancé can feel confident in the kitchen aisle.








Assess what you already have.


If you’ve already invested in pots and pans, you’re not obligated to add a 15-piece cookware set to the list. Just because it’s a registry classic doesn’t mean it’s mandatory. Feel free to skip over cookware entirely if adding to your collection will add clutter and excess to both your kitchen and your registry.



Go for a long-lasting brand with a warranty.


Makers like All-Clad, Cuisinart, and Calphalon all make top-of-the-line sauce and frying pots and pans. They’re price tags also tend to run a little higher. Don’t let sticker shock prevent you from adding cookware to your list, though, if it’s something that you really need. Diversifying your registry’s cost range is an essential part of the process.



If possible, opt for non-stick.


Ever try making scrambled eggs in a not-so-great pan? Chances are, it wasn’t non-stick. Today, many companies offer non-stick pots and pans, so you’ll be able to sauté without having to resort to force to flip.



Stainless steel is your best bet.


For pots and pans that last, opt for stainless steel. You can scrape and scrub this metal with all the force you have and still won’t leave a scratch on the surface. Pots and pans that look just as good on your 10th anniversary as they did on your first day of married life? Sign us up.