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How to Decorate Your Home Using Your Wedding Registry

It’s easy to focus on upgrading your kitchen toys and electronics, but don’t forget about your home décor! Here are 10 tips for decorating your home using your wedding registry.

wedding registry home decor 1

Mix & Match

Spice up your space with different textures, patterns and colors. It’s a great way express your individuality and add visual interest to any room. Register for a few different items that complement each other’s styles to create mismatched cohesion.

wedding registry home decor 2

Cut the Cords

Cables are eyesores, not to mention they’re annoying to organize. Opt for stylish wireless items like cordless desk lamps and Bluetooth speakers to streamline your space.

wedding registry home decor 4

Cozy Up

There’s more to a comfortable bedroom than memory foam mattress toppers and high thread count sheets. Match cozy throw blankets, decorative pillows and duvet covers to keep your room stylish and cozy.

wedding registry home decor 9

Consider the Classics

That gold foil print looks good on your walls now, but do you think it will it match your style down the road? Register for items that will last a while in terms of style and durability. Think of products you could even repurpose to extend their use, like side tables and chairs.

wedding registry home decor 5

Get Creative

Especially if you have a small space, multipurpose furniture is a life saver. Pieces like full-length mirror wardrobes or this coffee table storage will save you tons of space for your current and future homes.

wedding registry home decor 6

Customize It

For personalized details, customize wedding registry products with engraving or monogram options. Adding your initials to tabletop accessories or glassware is a simple and easy way to reflect who you are as a couple.

wedding registry home decor 7

Go Outside

Your outdoor space needs just as much attention as your living room. Versatile items like weather-resistant pillows, area rugs and planter pots will make your patio look just as stylish as the interior.

wedding registry home decor 8

Add for the Holidays

If you’ll be hosting for the holidays, spruce up your home for the occasion. Consider decorative ornaments and table accessories that match your home style while appropriately reflecting the theme. Seasonal inspired details, silver and gold metallic accents are classic ways to decorate without going over the top.

wedding registry home decor 3

Stay Minimal

Depending on the size of your guest list and everyone’s budgets, it’s not a bad idea to consider a select few furniture pieces. While it’s not traditional to add a sofa or dining table to your wedding registry, it’s an option for guests who prefer to split the cost of a wedding registry item together. Still, be wary of the price tag. Adding a full bedroom collection that costs a few thousand dollars could give the wrong impression.

wedding registry home decor 10

Remember the Bathroom

With all the decorations, it’s easy to overlook the smaller essentials like bathroom accessories. Decorative towels, soap dispensers, shower curtains and rugs are just a few must-haves you won’t want to forget.

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