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How to Handle a Friend Who Wasn’t Invited

How to Handle a Friend Who Wasn’t Invited


No matter how big your guest list is, chances are someone is getting left off. And when you run into that someone, it might get a little awkward. Hopefully, it won’t.  But just in case, we are here to help you prepare for how to handle the awkwardness of an uninvited friend.




Don’t Bring it Up


At first, try to just act normal. It could be that they totally get it. They might know that they don’t necessarily belong on the guest list for the same reasons you didn’t include them. Maybe you haven’t talked for several years. Maybe she dated the groom. Whatever it is, the best course of action is to be friendly and kind and avoid all talk of wedding.



But, if They Bring it Up


If there is an easy explanation, use it.  I have a friend who is getting married at a small venue and she also can’t afford a large reception.  If someone chooses to ask her why they weren’t invited, a simple reply of, ‘We had to stick to just family and very close friends due to our venue size,’ should suffice. But it should be noted that they shouldn’t be asking in the first place. That’s their bad.



Invited to the Reception but Not the Ceremony


Some brides want everyone in the world at their wedding, while others feel it is an intensely personal and intimate event. If you are the latter, and choose to have a larger reception following a very small ceremony, you may get a few questions. Again, their bad. But still, you can just explain exactly how you feel. That getting married was something that felt to you like a highly emotional moment that you only wanted to share with a small group of people. Add that you are so happy that they could attend the reception because you are so glad that you could celebrate this life event with them.




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