Wedding Planning

How to Prepare Your Guests for Unexpected Wedding Details

Sometimes, it’s best to skip the surprise.

Some guests haven’t ever been to a wedding. Some guests have only been to a certain type of wedding. Either way, aspects of your celebration may surprise them. If your event will feature nontraditional details or other elements your attendees won’t expect, it’s probably best to give them a heads up. Here’s how to do so and in turn, prevent drama from cropping up on the big day.


Use Your Invitations

If you’re throwing a modern wedding, a classic stationery suite might mislead your celebrants. Instead, make whatever your theme is known on your invites through the wording and design. Think about what sets your event apart and try to advertise that as clearly (but concisely) as possible.

Use Your Wedding Website

If certain parts of your celebration need a lengthier explanation, utilize your wedding website. You can go into more detail there than you should on your invitations. Some ideas include inspiration photos to give guests examples of a creative dress code, or a paragraph summarizing the history behind (and the reason why you chose) a lesser-known ritual you want to incorporate.

Use Day-Of Materials

If your big-day itinerary involves unexpected elements, try your best to keep everyone from getting confused. Let’s say your schedule of events is out of typical order—make that clear on the program, and direct guests to where they’re supposed to be with signs if necessary. Or, say that your ceremony requires attendees to participate. Again, warn them and give them specific instructions so everything goes off without a hitch.