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How to Register for Your Christmas Style

How to Register for Your Christmas Style

Do you prefer your Christmas decor traditional or modern? We’ll help you find your favorite style and give you tips for registering for your own holiday decor details.

style 1

Metallic Glow

It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside when you have the warm glow of metallic details surrounding you. This tablescape was created with a series of champagne, gold, and silver accents. If you love this style, register for products like the trees and bell jars. You’ll be able to use them not only on your dining table, but also on top of your fireplace mantel and in nooks on your shelving.

style 2

Industrial Chic

Industrial chic effortlessly blends together modern elements with a more relaxed, comfy vibe. This galvanized tree collar is an excellent alternative to a tree skirt and will help protect your wood floors from spills when you refill the water for your tree.

style 3

Rustic Woodland

Do you like your Christmas feeling cozy and rustic? Use outdoor elements to transform your home into a virtual cabin in the woods. Complement these wooden details with lots of greenery and warm flannel blankets by a crackling fire.

style 4

Classic Retro

If it’s not the holiday season until you watch White Christmas with a classic cocktail, then you might just love retro decor. These flocked glass ornaments are the perfect touch to a 1950s-inspired Christmas tree.

style 5

Bright Colors

If you two have chosen to decorate your home in bright colors, it probably makes perfect sense to you that your holiday decor is equally vibrant. This year, you’ll find plenty of trendy garland with cute messages or felted wool balls to give your house an extra pop of color.

style 6

Glamorous Luxury

When you adore all things soft and luxe, it’s probably time to glam up your Christmas decor. For your registry, make sure to select items that will become staples for countless years to come, such as your stockings and tree skirt. This scheme features these products in neutral-colored faux fur.

style 7

Traditional Details

Traditionalists are all about classic patterns and timeless colors. Bring red, green, and metallics into your space with pillow shams (they will easily convert your everyday throw pillows into seasonal details) in charming plaids. Particularly if you have an otherwise neutral room, registering for patterned decor details will really help you to transform your home quickly and affordably.

style 8

Modern Eclectic

If your preferred color palette for the holidays is a little more contemporary, register for dishes to match! This Kate Spade collection is modern and spunky with a cool cityscape and gold font.

style 9

The Tastes of the Season

Of course, for many of us, the holiday season completely revolves around the kitchen. Make sure to register for specialty products to help you bake your favorite Christmas sweets.

style 10

The Scents of the Season

Our sense of smell is so connected to our memories, that having a room that smells like Christmas is a great way to unite old traditions and new ones. Find a candle that represents Christmas to you, whether that be fir trees or sugar plums.