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mywedding Musings: Azucar Bakery

Baking for 17 years, Majorie of Azucar Bakery started her career in baking with her son’s first birthday cake. Now, he is 17 and her business is continuing to grow.

Baking for 17 years, Majorie of Azucar Bakery started her career in baking with her son’s first birthday cake. Now, he is 17 and her business is continuing to grow. A self-proclaimed lover of simple and white wedding cakes, she is no stranger to creating and designing anything to make her brides happy. Majorie uses all of her own recipes and, after tasting her famous Dulce de Leche Napoleon Mil Hojas (all in the name of research, of course), I can honestly say that I have a new addiction to Peruvian pastries. Read more about this amazing bakery here and it’s totally okay if your mouth starts to water.

What is your primary style?

Usually, the bride is the one that designs the cake, we usually just help her.  We have all kinds of styles that we can work with. We can do a fondant, a buttercream and every year there are new trends like, this year it is the buttercream with texture that is very popular. We’ve been doing a lot of intricate piping also. We pretty much just have to keep up with whatever the trend is that year.

Do you have a favorite flavor?

Our Peruvian cake with dulce de leche – that’s our signature cake and it’s really, really good. Everyone that tries it, they order at least one layer of it in their wedding cake flavor.

A Peruvian cake is a little bit more dense. It’s moist and the dulce de leche is a signature filling that we use in South America that we put in cookies and fillings and different things. We even have some cookies that we are selling in Whole Foods now that have some caramel filling.  Anything with dulce de leche will be good.

Any advice for brides and grooms?

I would recommend that they try to leave the work to the professionals, especially on the day of the wedding. Usually a day of coordinator is super helpful, pay the cake efforts to deliver your wedding cake. If you really need to save money, you can do a smaller cake and a sheet cake on the side and we do that all the time. We recommend that they don’t send someone to pick up the cake because that’s usually were disaster happens. And of course, the more information we have, the better. We always ask brides for colors and swatches and cake toppers, that way we have everything that we need and they don’t have any surprises.

What is the first thing you usually ask a couple, where do you start?

We usually want to know the date, the colors, if it’s going to be indoors or outdoors, if there is a theme. Pretty much everything that is related to cake. I love seeing the pictures of dresses and inspiration that they want to show me. They brides always come with a bunch of pictures which is great, I love it! It’s so helpful.

We usually bring them books and sticky notes so that they can choose the ones that they like and they can mix and match to create their own unique design. That way, every cake is different and we put our own little twist and style into it.

What is the timeline?

Ideally, it’s about six months that I would like a couple to start looking into their wedding cake. That way we have time to work with their budget, see if we need to get a special cake topper or cake stand. The more time is always the best – it never hurts. Any changes can always be made up to two weeks before the wedding. So, there’s no problem if they change their mind. We usually recommend the couple to change their mind only once, otherwise it starts getting confusing.

Do you have a favorite part of the process?

I would say that my favorite part is usually delivering the cakes. Even though it is also the most stressful part, I love to see the final product of the table with the flowers and the background. It looks so amazing. I also love consultations with brides, they are always super fun to do.

What makes you stand out from other bakeries?

Our unique flavors – we have some really great flavors. We have an award winning cake that is chocolate chip with a chocolate ganache; we won two awards at the Colorado Chocolate Festival with that cake. Then, our signature cake, we’ll always have them try. We have a strawberry cream that is very refreshing. Those are the ones that we take mostly to our bridal shows but, any kind of seasonal flavor, we want our couples to try.

What inspires you?

I’m creating the brides vision. It’s the bride’s inspiration and I am here to create exactly what they want and to help them along the way.

See more of all the amazing sweet treats that Azucar Bakery has to offer here!

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