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mywedding Musings: Sarah Roshan, Wedding Photographer

Sarah Roshan is as carefree and lovable as her photographs show. Once a scenic artist, Sarah has been shooting weddings under her own brand for 4 years. It’s not very often that you come across someone who loves what they do so openly and wholeheartedly.

Sarah Roshan is as carefree and lovable as her photographs show. Once a scenic artist, Sarah has been shooting weddings under her own brand for 4 years. It’s not very often that you come across someone who loves what they do so openly and wholeheartedly. She is passionate photographer and goes after what she wants all while maintaining a carefree and laid back attitude. Because Sarah only photographs mountain weddings – her images are full of breathtaking backgrounds, stunning lighting and of course, lots and lots of love. Sarah has found her calling as a wedding photographer, and we’re oh-so glad that she did.

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

My location and my niche is focused on who I am and not just picked out of random. I am the romantic mountain photographer for carefree couples because that’s who I am. The only thing that can really differentiate photographers is who they are. We do shoot different photos and have different styles and of course that does matter a little bit – but when you’re looking at different photographers, you have to think about who you are going to mesh with. All I can be is me – which is awesome because, no body else can be me. I really do believe in living graciously and romantically and having this childlike view of the world and that’s what’s going to make me different because not everybody believes that.

How would you describe your style?

I’m very candid and focused on connection and emotion. I would say that a lot of my photographs are romantic – there is always a connection between the two of you and I want to help you feel connected during your wedding day. My style is pretty authentic and true to color – I only convert images to black and white if I feel the image is better that way. I don’t use a lot of filters and stay true to the surroundings. One of the best compliments I ever got was when a bride said, ‘That’s exactly how I thought I looked on my wedding day.” That’s good – I want my couples to feel their most beautiful on this day. I have  this romantic feel to it but it’s also because a lot of my clients get married outside – color usually tells the story of that to you.

What do you ask a new couple when you first meet them?

I ask them what they’re passionate about and that usually leads to another conversation where I can kind of determine if we’re a good personality click. It’s very important to me that my clients and I click because I am so specialized. I want to make sure we’re going to be a good fit – my clients and I usually carry the very same values and a lot of the same beliefs. The couples that I photograph really love the outdoors because that’s where they go to relax and to be laid back and carefree.

Out of all of your vendors – your photographer is pretty much there with you all day. I try really hard to be that fly on the wall but I’m still kind of up in your business – I don’t want to have any negative influence on their day. My goal is to provide that carefree experience so they don’t have to stress about it or worry about me being there. I want them to really enjoy their wedding day.

What is your favorite part of a wedding to photograph?

My favorite part of a wedding is definitely bride and groom portraits. I’m all about the connection and am definitely a romantic at heart, so I feel that that’s the only time of the day that the bride and groom actually get to hang out together without everybody else. I’ll throw them in pretty light, let them kind of enjoy each other and talk to each other –  it’s like all of this anticipation built up to this big thing and they get to enjoy each other and chat together and once they’re comfortable, I’ll just try to give them a little bit of direction.

What inspires you?

I’m really passionate about making people feel loved and making people feel like they are enough. I think that in our culture, feeling enough is not a normal thing. Everyone always feels like they could be doing more and doing something else that could further them. I want people to feel like sitting still for a moment and knowing that whatever they’re doing is enough and that you as a person are enough to be loved and cared for. I think that’s my number one thing. You’re just you and know that being you is enough.

Do you have any advice for brides and grooms?

My clients are pretty chill people and they go with the flow so, whatever happens, happens. I try to remind them that what’s most important is that they’re getting married today. My big philosophy is that there aren’t any rules for your wedding – it’s not a competition, it’s not a status symbol, it’s whatever you and your fiancé want for your wedding. If you want to do lawn games, that’s fine – if you want to play beer pong, that’s okay too. It’s really whatever you want.

Your wedding should be you. It shouldn’t be a comparison or a competition. I find a lot of brides feeling like their wedding isn’t enough – which is really sad to me. It is your wedding and it should be whatever you want – not whatever the best thing out there is. It should reflect the couple.

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