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Newlywed Perspective: Holiday Traditions

Happy Halloween, Delightfully Engaged!

Happy Halloween, Delightfully Engaged! I’ve been wondering, in light of the current holiday, what planning a Halloween wedding would have looked like, if it simply would have been a collaboration of fall colors and leaves (and pumpkin-flavored foods, which I seem to never have enough of these days) or if it would have meant a full-on theme wedding. Either way, there are some great examples of both Halloween and fall themed weddings on this very blog, and I am digressing.

I do, though, want to talk about Halloween. And holidays in general. And traditions in particular. It’s funny to think that Shayne and I both walked into our marriage (and our relationship from the very beginning) with very specific ideas of what holidays mean and that until we run into them, there’s no way of knowing what each other’s ideas look like.

I’m guessing that as we head into the heart of the holiday season, we’ll come across differences from all across the spectrum, from what color of Christmas lights go on the tree (multi-colored, always) to who roasts the turkey on Thanksgiving (Dad), and that part of the adventure of being newly married will be figuring out for ourselves what kinds of traditions our family (yes, just the two of us!) will call our own. We’ll get to find out if we have similar holiday habits, if we want to stick to the family-of-origins’ books we’ve got, or if we want to come up with something entirely new and different on our own. Oh, the potential!

Fortunately, our ideas of Halloween match up pretty closely: carve pumpkins, roast seeds. We got some friends involved this year, and remembered to buy pumpkins before Halloween day (last year our pumpkins were clearly the rejects. Mine was about the size of a softball, Shayne’s was almost noticeably bigger.).

In any case, we got to have some fun, spend quality time with each other and our friends, and ease ourselves into creating the holiday traditions that our family will enjoy. By the way: sugared pumpkins seeds. Try them.