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Not Your Mother’s Wedding Registry: The Items You’re Not Required to Add to Your Gift List

Not Your Mother’s Wedding Registry: The Items You’re Not Required to Add to Your Gift List

Unless you want to, of course.



Some people love going crazy with a registry scan gun at their favorite store. Others rue the day this gift list was created. Whichever camp you fall into, it can be easy to get lost within the aisles of home goods. And while there are certainly traditional gifts that couples register for year after year, there’s no set rule that says you need to choose a 12-piece place setting. That’s why we caught up with chef and TV personality Kelsey Nixon to talk about the housewares your mom once registered for that you probably don’t need to ask for (unless you want them!). Here, find out which items Nixon thinks may wind up gathering dust once it’s off the list and in your home.







Stand Mixer


‘I hate having to list this as it is such a pretty item to receive from a registry, but the truth is that I hardly ever use my stand mixer,’ admits Nixon. ‘I find that 90% of the time anything that I’d use a traditional stand mixer for can easily be accomplished with a hand mixer, which is significantly easier to use, clean, and store.’ Unless you are a dedicated baker who likes whipping up big batches of bread and baked goods, or you simply love these mixers for aesthetic reasons, it’s probably not a necessary addition to your registry.


Holiday-Themed Gear


If you’re a party person with more storage space than you know what to do with, then by all means, deck the halls. But, in terms of practicality, a platter you break out once a year isn’t really doing you any favors. Nixon says to skip the firework forks or pumpkin-shaped bowls and invest in quality pieces you’ll be proud to bust out for any gathering—impromptu or otherwise.



Crystal Vase


Crystal vases can be lovely, but they’re not entirely practical. With so many fun, quirky vases out there, crystal just seems too formal and stuffy for something as playful as flowers. Even if you don’t register for one, chances are good that your aunt or grandmother will purchase one anyway.



Fine China


Classic dinnerware is such a hot-button issue between generations: Your mom and grandmother will urge you to choose a pattern, while your friends or siblings may say it’s unnecessary. If you’re going through the struggle, know you’re not alone. ‘My mother was shocked when I didn’t register for fine china, but I knew that wasn’t the style of entertaining that I enjoyed,’ says Nixon. ‘I really enjoyed laid back casual get-togethers with friends and fine china would be used so rarely that it didn’t make sense to register for something so expensive.’ Instead, Nixon suggests choosing classic white place settings that will stand the test of time in terms of both durability and style. With that said, if your dinner parties are more soirée than takeout, then you might have reason to go for it.



This story originally appeared on Martha Stewart Weddings.